We're pleased to release the first Release Candidate build of Ext JS 3.2 today. The recent 3.2 beta has been received very well and has had a minimal number of bugs reported so I hope we can move swiftly to final.

We'll issue a blog post when final hits (probably next week), but in the interim I'd greatly appreciate any feedback from people using the 3.2RC - as always, the bug forum is the place to post any bugs you encounter

Changes since the beta:

* Significant HBox and VBox layout speed improvements
* Moved Ext.ux.SliderTip to Ext.slider.Tip, included in ext-all builds
* Moved Ext.ux.form.SliderField to Ext.form.SliderField, included in ext-all builds
* Performance improvements to AnchorLayout and ColumnLayout
* Fixed a bug with the new Slider implementation
* enableBubble moved from Container to Component
* Fixed IE6 rendering glitch when using 'under' as the target for errors on a CompositeField
* New Themes Viewer example
* Updated the YUI charts version from 2.7.0 to 2.8.0
* Numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes

You can download the Ext JS 3.2RC1 here, and view the examples and documentation online.

Thanks and enjoy the release.