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Thread: Ext JS 3.2RC1 released

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueCamel View Post
    For what ever it's worth, searching 'enableBubble' in the API docs search field didn't return any hits. Not sure why.
    We do seem to have some issues with the search - I'll see if I can find out what's up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Max_nl View Post
    Thanks for the tip.
    Setting layoutOnCardChange indeed solves it.

    Created a bug nevertheless:
    This is a correction over a previously flawed implementation. I'm preparing the release notes right now though so I'll be sure to make it clear how to migrate this.

    Quote Originally Posted by js_coder View Post
    I notice that tests are distributed with 3.2. How can I run the test suite (how can I get it)?
    You can't... currently. The unit tests are all written using YUI test, but run in our own testing environment. We run the tests in the browser/OS combinations we support and as of now everything is passing.

    It's likely that we'll release the testing harness when it has matured a little (it's a very young project), but in the mean time here's a sneak peek.
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