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Thread: GridPanel/GroupingView Is it possible to group on one

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    Default GridPanel/GroupingView Is it possible to group on one

    value in the data store, but display another in the column.
    For example, I've got a json file that is feeding the groupingView. One entry in the json object is a file type(csv, kml, gpx...) another entry is a link to the file. I'd like to group by the file type, but display the URL in the column entries. Currently I have a column for the file type and a column for the URL, however I'd like to get rid of one of the columns.
    I've played around with using a renderer function in the column definition, but can't seem to do what I want to do.



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    I solved this about as soon as I posted.
    You can use both the renderer and groupRenderer functions together to achieve what I wanted. I misread the doc the first time and thought it was one or the other.

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