Hey all,

I've searched the form, read the API, read the source code etc. but I can't find a solution.

I have an EditorGridPanel with a ComboBox as an editor on one column.

I want to use the ENTER key as navigation. I'm using a RowSelectionModel and have moveEditorOnEnter set to true.

I want to allow the user to type anything into the ComboBox (even if it's not in the store) or select from the dropdown list.

If the user picks from the list with ENTER or with the mouse things work as I expect them to.

However, if the user types in anything (not in the store) and presses ENTER navigation works, but the value they typed is not saved to the grid. If they do the same thing but CLICK away from the the cell it correctly (like I want it to) saves the typed value to the grid.

I've read in another thread that the ENTER key has a different event execution. I do observer this if I put in some console.log output in some of the events.

Any ideas how I can get ENTER to put the typed in values into my grid?