Is there a way to get a third party patch included as a default component in ExtJS. I don't mean a whole new class of widget, or just a small bugfix, but something in between, an upgrade to an existing component, but not a rewrite.

Is there a process for submitting code, or guidelines about what will/won't be accepted.

My request concerns something fairly specific, and I ask because I wrote an extension which adds "basic" functionality, but I don't really have time to maintain it. A few users have asked if the functionality will ever be in the core version. So far I've assumed that is impossible I could contribute it.

The extension is the multiselect drag and drop for trees. The component was written because I considered this a "missing" feature.

If I rewrite this extension as a patch, is there any way to get it added to the core. I assume it's not possible, (for a host of licensing, QA, and compatibility reasons) but if it is possible, what are the rules, and limitations I would have to abide by.