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Thread: EditorGridPanel not editing

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    Default EditorGridPanel not editing

    The code I have works in a browser but not in my Air app. It displays and adds rows but does not allow editing. I put code from one of the examples in and it does not work either. Anything I have to do in order to get the editing to work in an Air app?

    xtype      : "editorgrid",
    id         : "addTableFieldsGrid",
    anchor     : "100% 100%",
    stripeRows : true,
    viewConfig : {
    	forceFit : true
    selModel   : new Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel({
    	singleSelect : true
    store      : new{
    	reader   : new{}, fieldRecord),
    	proxy    : new[]),
    	sortInfo : {field: "name", direction: "ASC"}
    columns    : [
    	{header : "Name", mapping : "name", editor: new Ext.form.TextField()},
    	{header : "Type", mapping : "type", editor: new Ext.form.TextField()}
    buttons    : [{
    	text    : "Add Field",
    	handler : function() {
    		var store = this.ownerCt.ownerCt.getStore();
    		store.insert(0, new fieldRecord({
    			name : "New Field",
    			type : "New Field"
    	text    : "Remove Field",
    	handler : function() {
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    I cannot reproduce it (using my ext-air adapter). It works for me, both adding and editing.
    My fieldRecord (it's not in your code) is:
    var fieldRecord =[
    Just one thing. Column definitions use dataIndex, not mapping!
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