Hello all!

Well I've unsuccessfully tried to find a solution for my problem in previous posts, so here I am. This is the situation:

While I'm playing around with the desktop sample I have a situation where I need to retrieve the fields from a form inside a tab (in a window with a TabPanel), I've attached a listener on the "beforetabchange" event and successfully polled the tab content, but I can't identify the form. The goal of this is to send form contents when the user change the tab (another form) and so on (there are like 20 tabs with a little form each one)...

Here's the piece of code, (I'm using firebug to catch object/events, in general for testing/debugging):

PHP Code:
listeners: {
beforetabchange: function(abc) {
        if (
typeof c != 'undefined') {
console.log(c.body);     // Returns Object
console.log(c.body.dom); // Returns string

If I use the "dom" property I just get the string of the div holding the "body" of the tab, so... I just don't know what to do, any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Edgar!