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    Default Ext JS 3.2 API Docs - Appcelerator Titanium based Ext Documentation available

    A few days ago did not have access to was inconvenient.
    But I have foundver useful ExtDocSuite 3.2.0 Adobe AIR-based Desktop Application

    Thank a lot Shyru

    I recently used Appcelerator Titanium and Ext JS is developing a desktop application. ExtJS API to create apps that have seen examples in the SDK has been added. And has also added a few links.

    Some examples do not work

    If you will help. If you have a good idea or errors let me know through here.

    1. Support Cross Platform ( Win, OSX, Linux )
    2. Support examples of Ext JS 3.2 SDK
    3. Insert useful links of

    download public link :
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