HTML Editor Issues
The HTML Editor is, IMO, one of the weak spots of ExtJS - perhaps someone should focus some quality time on it to bring it up to snuff. I realize the editor is meant to be rather bare bones, but given the quality of everything else in ExtJS, I submit that the editor shouldn't be so bare bones. I mean, ExtJS has all the components to make a killer CMS or message board - entering formatted/rich text is vital to a huge number of applications.

First, let me report some bugs.

In Chrome, the text alignment buttons don't work as expected. Type in some text, put the cursor in the middle of that text, then center it. Expected behavior is that if you move the cursor elsewhere, then back to somewhere in that centered text, the "center text" button should be toggled/pressed. It isn't. In Firefox, I see both the left-align and center align buttons pressed at times.

In firefox, bolded text that is centered does not show the bold button pressed.

Ordered lists and unordered lists do not work in Chrome. Only the first line has a bullet or number.

The editor isn't WYSIWYG at all. ExtJS overrides many of the basic styles (h1, h2, etc.), yet those (h1, h2, etc.) dispalyed in the HtmlEditor's iframe are without those ExtJS overrides.

I'm not a Q/A specialist, but it's pretty clear that someone on the dev team should really exercise this component and fix it.

The answer isn't to use CKEditor or TinyMCE or some other 3rd party editor. They don't at all integrate so nicely with ExtJS, often drag in a whole mess of messy API of its own, don't theme with the rest of the components, etc.

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