Ext version: 3.2.0
Example: Ext portal demo link

Problem: I use copy of portal demo page with one modifacation: on 'render' event I add two portlets in third porletcolumn. Portlets are added correctly, but each portlet from these contains grid with store woriking in remote mode. So when store loaded data height of portlets increased, and sum of all column portlets height is more than portal height. So this makes vertical scroller to be shown, after that horizontal scroller is shown (I think because portlets, portlet columns do not resize itself... may be I'm wrong...). So this is issue, horizontal scroller should not be shown.

Similar situation can be got on Ext portal demo page

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Open Portal example
2. Move all panels except "Grid in portlet" in last column
3. Collapse left panel
4. Expand left panel

Result: horizontal scroller appears...