Using the generated files and utilizing the autoRef property,
I want to fire the autoSizeColumns() function after the store for a grid is loaded.

The following code snippet was generated from a Designer Project (File: AdminPanel.ui.js):
                        items: [
                                xtype: 'grid',
                                title: '',
                                store: 'dsMemberStore',
                                enableColumnHide: true,
                                enableColumnMove: true,
                                columnLines: true,
                                loadMask: true,
                                id: 'gMember',
                                ref: '../../MembersGrid',
                                columns: [
                                        xtype: 'gridcolumn',
                                        header: 'First Name',
                                        sortable: true,
                                        resizable: true,
                                        width: 100,
                                        dataIndex: 'first_name'
In the generated File ( AdminPanel.js ), I inserted the following code in the initComponent function (in Bold):
    initComponent: function() {;'load', function (){this.MembersGrid.autoSizeColumns(); });
        //'load', function (){this.MembersGrid.getView().autoSizeColumns(); });

I do know the following works:

Code:'load', function (){alert('store loaded...'); });
I've tried several variations but I keep getting JavaScript errors: this.MembersGrid is undefined ...
I think I am running into a scope issue...

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!