I've got a fairly strange issue related to GXT portal layout vertical scrollbar or rather the absence thereof under certain circumstances.

Specifically, the scrollbar shows up correctly in Firefox and IE at all times. It does show up in Chrome in developer mode ( as shown in the first screenshot. However, when I access the compiled application (, the scrollbar is somehow missing together with the ability to scroll.

Here's the code that generates the portal:

final Portal dataPanel = new Portal(4);
dataPanel.setStyleAttribute("backgroundColor", "white");
dataPanel.setColumnWidth(0, .25);
dataPanel.setColumnWidth(1, .25);
dataPanel.setColumnWidth(2, .25);
dataPanel.setColumnWidth(3, .25);

Any ideas on what's going on and/or suggestions on how to resolve the issue?

Kind regards,
Borys Burnayev
GTD for Android and Web

portal scrollbar - correct.jpgportal scrollbar - incorrect.jpg