First let me just say how excited I am for ExtT.

I have some standard functions I use in my system that I like to include in my projects. One of them sets the current weekending date to a var. I'n my app I will typicaly just call a format on the date object, and spit out what I need to send to server. Well, for some reason using the touch lib the browser barks that format is not a function. Anyone know why that is? I have worked around it using getDate, getYear, getMonth.

Is there a way to get the virtual keyboard enter to play nice? It sort of works now, its almost like the form puts, but my submit keys logic does not get called. Do I just need to use a listener, or keys config?

I'm also seeing that my app does not resize correctly when orientation changes. It works fine if you go from portrait to landscape, but not the other way. Once it wonks out its toast, and the page needs to be reloaded to fix it.

Anyone know anything about any of these?