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Build CSS3 Animations with Sencha Animator

Sencha Animator a desktop application that allows you to create complex CSS3 animations for WebKit browsers and touchscreen mobile devices. Learn how to use Sencha Animator by following along with the helpful screencasts and guides below.

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TitleVersionDate AddedDifficulty
thumbnail for Animator Guided Tour Guide on Sencha Learn Animator Guided Tour To make effective use of Sencha Animator, it’s important to learn the major parts of the interface and feature groupings. This guided tour of Animator provides a brief introduction to Animator functionality and suggests exercises to help you learn your way around the tool. 1.x Oct 3, 2011 Easy
thumbnail for Animator Quickstart Guide on Sencha Learn Animator Quickstart This guide is intended to get your hands on Animator controls and learn some of the rudimentary techniques for building CSS3 Transformation-based animations using the tool. Follow the steps described here to build a simple project, adding objects, setting their properties, and exporting and running the project. It’s based on the Sencha blog entry “Rocking the Boat of Flash with CSS3 Animations,” in which an Adobe Flash animation is replicated perfectly with HTML5/CSS3. 1.x Sep 27, 2011 Easy
thumbnail for Beta 1 Highlights Screencast on Sencha Learn Beta 1 Highlights Luca Candela gives you a tour of the highlighted features in Sencha Animator 1.0 Beta 1, including the gradient editor, custom easing, scene support, click actions, and previewing in your browser. 0.x Oct 26, 2010 Easy
thumbnail for Bouncing Ball Demo Screencast on Sencha Learn Bouncing Ball Demo This screencast shows the basics of animating an object and building a scene in Sencha Animator. Be sure to download the project files to get started. 0.x Oct 26, 2010 Easy
thumbnail for Making a Loading Bar Screencast on Sencha Learn Making a Loading Bar Arne Bech shows you how to make an indefinite loading bar with HTML5 and CSS3 animations created with Sencha Animator. 0.x May 12, 2011 Easy