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Ext Designer for Ext JS 4 User’s Guide (PDF)

Published Aug 16, 2011 | Luca Candela | Guide | Easy
Last Updated Aug 17, 2011

This Guide is most relevant to , 1.x.

Download PDF version (6.3 MB)

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Written by Luca Candela
Luca is Sencha's product manager for the Tools product line. Luca has been involved in the creation of web applications as a designer, developer and product manager, in the Enterprise as well as in the Consumer space for a variety of companies before joining Sencha. Luca was born and raised in Italy, is passionate about UX, good design and playing guitar.
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Joao Maia

4 years ago

Is it possible to donwload this PDF rather than just reading it on the browser ?


Joao Maia

Steve Orth

4 years ago

Right mouse click on the PDF and do a “Save As”.

Germain michael

4 years ago

Hi all, tanks for thé pdf, but i can’t see any images into it. Is it normal ?
I read this on iPad.

Can you have a look please ?


4 years ago

I cannot download this PDF, the error is:

“Server not found
Firefox can’t find the server at”


4 years ago


Luca Candela

4 years ago

@Germain The PDF file works for me. Did you download it? Try using Good Reader, it works beautifully.

@Georgiana I can’t reproduce that error, it might have been a temporary thing, please try again.

@??? ????????????? wink


4 years ago

I’m reading the pdf via iPad, and i confirm all images are missing… Strange.
On Windows it’is ok… Pdf on safari is not really up to date smile

Thanks for yours comments.

Gérain Miichael.

4 years ago

OK all,
i found the problem…  it can be usefull for other guys smile

The pdf reader on iOS devices is not compatible with the JPG2000 Compression.
It’s an option when you create the PDF.

the solution : you have to re-convert it yourself… and use the JPG Compression for images.
After, everything is ok.

Have a nice weekend.


4 years ago

PDF loaded me with Google Chrome smile Firefox can not work because Firefox needs plugin with Adobe Reader X :(

Thanks smile


4 years ago

I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it undesrtandable.


4 years ago



3 years ago

I can’t download it.Who can help me?

Marc Fearby

3 years ago

The guide is an excellent start. It would be nice if the PDF index would work: you can’t click on any of the items in the treeview to go to that page, so it’s essentially useless (in Foxit PDF Reader or Adobe Reader). Code samples use single quote characters that aren’t actually single quotes, so you can’t copy and paste them.

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