When I buy Sencha Touch Bundle, do I have the rights to use Sencha Architect and/or the Sencha Eclipse Plugin with Sencha Ext JS?

Yes, but commercial rights are limited to Sencha Touch. If you want to use Architect with both Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch, then you must purchase Sencha Complete or the appropriate Sencha Ext JS license(s). The Sencha Eclipse Plugin for Sencha Ext JS is only available in Sencha Complete.

I purchased Sencha Complete and I am trying to activate Architect. Where do I find the license key?

You should have received the activation code in the email you provided when you purchased Sencha Complete. If not (or if you lost it), please write an email to licensing@sencha.com to obtain the code.

I purchased the Sencha Architect license after my trial expired. How can I use the same email account to activate Architect on the same or a new system?

When you purchase Architect you will be emailed an Activation code which you can enter into Architect.

If I buy Sencha Architect and want to use it with Sencha Touch, do I need to buy Sencha Touch?

No, Sencha Touch is free for a commercial license. However if you want support for Architect and Sencha Touch, we recommend Sencha Touch Bundle.

If I buy Sencha Architect, does it come with an Ext JS license?

No, if you buy Architect you will also need to purchase a license of Ext JS for every user of Architect. Another option would to buy Sencha Complete.

I purchased Sencha Complete, will I get an upgrade to Sencha Architect?

Yes, as long as your support is current at the time that Sencha Architect was released. You will receive Sencha Architect at no additional cost.

Do I need a Sencha Ext JS license to use Sencha Architect?

If you are planning to use Sencha Architect under the terms of our Commercial License, you need to have already purchased a Sencha Ext JS Commercial Software License, or purchase a new Sencha Ext JS Commercial Software License. If you do not own a Sencha Ext JS license but purchase a Sencha Architect license, your development work product will be governed by the terms of the GPLv3 license.