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Theme332—Advanced Theming for Sencha Touch

Advanced Theming for Sencha Touch Training provides hands-on Sencha Theming expertise.

This course is ideal for UX developers and designers with web development and CSS experience. Prior experience with Sencha Touch JavaScript development is not required, however this course is also useful for Sencha Touch developers who require advanced theming expertise.

You’ll develop custom themes, work with Sencha Cmd, Sass and Compass, develop custom mixins and UIs, theme your applications, and optimize both performance and asset management. You’ll also create custom Touch components (plugin packages), and overrides.

Duration: 3 days for classroom, or 5 half-day sessions over 1 week for Live Online Training
Cost: $2,100/developer (6 developer minimum)
$1,500 per additional developer
Plus instructor travel for on-site. (US Prices)
Location: On-site at your location, Live Online, or worldwide at Open Sencha Training
Course outline:
  • How to switch themes
  • How to make use of the platform switcher
  • Learn theming inheritance
  • Learn how to theme with Sencha Architect 3
  • Learn how to extend from the Default Sencha Touch theme
  • Learn how to extend from the Base theme
  • Learn how to organize themes
  • Working with Sass & Compass
  • Understanding Sencha variables
  • Creating custom UIs & unique components
  • Incorporating fonts, icons & images
  • Build & optimize themes
  • Create theme specific overrides
  • Create custom components and plugin packages
  • Web development experience
  • Prior experience developing Cascading Style Sheets
System requirements

Bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) with the following software installed:

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