Fast Track to Sencha Touch + Advanced Architect

Learn to build applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry 6+ using Sencha Touch – the best HTML5 mobile framework. This class includes advanced sections on MVC, theming, Sencha Touch Charting, optimizing for production, and deploying Sencha Touch applications with Sencha Command tools, PhoneGap, and/or Sencha Space.

This class also includes extensive design and development of MVC Sencha Touch Apps with Sencha Architect, including collaboration on large projects, exporting custom components, controllers, and routes.

Classroom - 5 full-day sessions
Online - 10 half-day sessions over 2 weeks

Classroom at your location or Online

You must bring your own laptop, Mac or PC.

$3,300/developer (6 person minimum)
$2,400/additional developer
Plus instructor travel for Private Classroom training

Course Outline

Design and develop mobile web apps using Sencha Touch 2, use Sencha Touch MVC architecture to build scalable enterprise mobile web apps, understand the differences between designing applications for desktops vs mobile devices

Getting Started

Quickly develop a friendly application that functions across a variety of phones and tablets, accessing hardware features like camera, mobile app development with Sencha Architect, collaboration on large projects, custom components, source control, and routes

Building Your GUI

Implement a complex mobile UI that integrates forms, maps, tabs, sorting, media, and charting, efficiently handle gestures

Working with Data

Make background requests for data from an application server or web service, store data persistently on the device

Theming & Charts

Styling and Theming Sencha Touch Applications, Sencha Touch Charting

Going into Production

Optimize for production, deploying Sencha Touch applications with Sencha Cmd tools, PhoneGap, and/or Sencha Web Application Manager


  • Programming experience
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, JSON, HTML and CSS

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