Upgrade to Ext JS 6 + App Camp, Mobile Apps, and Advanced Ext JS 6

This class will help you get started quickly with Ext JS 6. It’s a 5 half-day online class, and it provides coverage of what’s new in Ext JS 6 including: Universal apps, toolkits, MVVM architecture, theming with Sass and Fashion, Promises and more.

This class combines:

  • App Camp: Learn How to Build an Ext JS 6 Universal App
  • Ext JS 6 Mobile Apps
  • Advanced Ext JS 6

This class is useful for existing Sencha Ext JS developers who want to develop mobile and universal applications with Ext JS 6.

  • Use one framework to develop universal applications
  • Migrate an existing desktop app to a mobile app
  • Create good looking themes with Sass and Fashion
  • MVVM pattern, microloader, and Promises

This class also includes coding for smartphones and tablets with lists, navigation views, and other components.

5 half-day sessions over 1 week

On your computer

You must bring your own laptop, Mac or PC.

$1,650/developer (6 person minimum)
$1,450/additional developer

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  • Programming experience
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, JSON, HTML and CSS
  • Experience with Ext JS
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