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GXT101—Java, CSS, and GXT Fundamentals

This course is targeted for those that are new to Java and GWT web development, need a refresher or who wish to expand on current Java, CSS and client-side GWT development knowledge. (This course is only offered in conjunction with Sencha GXT or Ext GWT Courses).

Duration: 1 Day
Cost: $900 per developer (6 developer minimum)
$700 per additional developer
Plus instructor travel
Location: On-site at your location
  • HTML Fundamentals
  • Programming background
  • CSS selectors
  • Floats and CSS positioning
  • CSS styling and shortcuts
  • CSS specificity
  • Basics Overview (variables, conditionals, operators, loops)
  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Subclasses and overriding
  • Anonymouse inner classes
  • Collections
  • Exceptions & error handling
Manipulating the DOM
  • innerHTML
  • Document fragments
Eclipse (Optional)
  • Setup and configuration
  • Features
  • Tricks & tips
Sencha GXT Fundamentals
  • GXT Overview
  • Creating a new project
  • Modules
  • Project Structure
  • Host Mode and Web Mode
Debugging and Tools
  • Firefox
  • Firebug
  • Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar
  • Safari Console

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