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Touch252—Fast Track to Sencha Touch + Advanced Architect Training

Learn to build applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry 6+ using Sencha Touch – the best HTML 5 mobile framework! This hands-on course includes advanced sections on MVC, theming, Sencha Touch Charting, optimizing for production, and deploying Sencha Touch applications with Sencha Command tools, PhoneGap, and/or Sencha Space. This course also includes extensive designing and developing MVC Sencha Touch Apps with Sencha Architect, including collaboration on large projects, exporting custom components, controllers, and routes.

Duration: 5 Days (ends 2 hours early on Friday)
Cost: $3,300 per developer (6 developer minimum) $2,400 per additional developer Plus instructor travel for on-site.
Location: On-site at your location, Live Online, or worldwide at Open Sencha Training Sessions.
Course Prerequisites
  • Prior experience developing applications in JavaScript
  • Casual familiarity with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
  • Prior experience developing Cascading Style Sheets
Setup Requirements

Bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) with the following software installed:

  • Chrome
  • App Inspector for Sencha
  • Check that Ruby v2 is installed (Ruby is only used to run compass, which is used for SASS Theming) and execute the command:
    On Mac: sudo gem install compass
    On PC: gem install compass
Course Objectives
  • Design and develop Mobile Web Apps using Sencha Touch Version 2
  • Use the Sencha Touch MVC Architecture to build scalable enterprise Mobile Web Apps
  • Understand the differences between designing applications for desktops vs mobile devices
  • Quickly develop a friendly application that functions across a variety of phones and tablets
  • Implement a complex mobile UI that integrates forms, maps, tabs, sorting, media, and charting
  • Efficiently handle gestures
  • Make background requests for data from an application server or web service
  • Store data persistently on the device
  • Styling and Theming Sencha Touch Applications
  • Sencha Touch Charting
  • Optimize for production
  • Deploying Sencha Touch applications with Sencha Command tools, PhoneGap, and/or Sencha Space
  • Accessing hardware features like camera
  • Mobile app development with Sencha Architect
  • Collaboration on large projects, custom components, source control, and routes

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