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Meet the Engineers: Sencha Technical Team Q & A

Craig Gering, Abraham Elias, Don Griffin, Phil Guerrant, Jamie Avins, Jacky Nguyen, Aaron Conran, Phil Strong, Jarred Nicholls, Jason Cline.
This is your chance to hear directly from the key technical leaders on the Sencha team! We have a panel that includes our CTO, VP of Engineering, and top engineering managers ready to answer your questions in this open-mike style session.

Turbocharge Your Grids

Nige White.
Almost every business app is built around a grid, and Ext JS has one of the best grids on the web, hands down. Learn how to make your data display in a flash, no matter how many records you may have! We’ll cover the best methods for making large data grids highly performant and scale to whatever your business needs are.

Shrink Your Application by Half: Using Sencha Cmd for Optimal Ext JS

Kevin Krohe.
Deliver the optimal experience for your application by removing all the overhead using Sencha Cmd. In this session, we’ll show you how to minimize download size, remove unused code and optimize what is left. (Cross listed in the Developer Tools track.)

Ext JS Performance

Nige White.
The profiler and page analyzer are your best friends for optimizing the performance of your Ext JS application. We’ll show you how to use them effectively, as well as explain some other important techniques for making your application perform optimally.

The Building of Fastbook

Jacky Nguyen.
Hear directly from a Touch engineer on how we made Fastbook so fast, and what it means for JavaScript and web developers. Learn more about how browsers composite, how to recycle DOM elements, and the various other tricks that were used to make Fastbook into the app that it is.

Deep Dive into Ext JS Layouts

Don Griffin.
Ext JS lets you harness the browser to build amazing applications on web standards. Having these applications work across browsers, from standards to quirks modes, from panels to grids, and across all the complexity is no simple matter, and the Ext JS layout system takes those problems out of your hands so you can focus on your app. Get a deeper understanding of what you can do with the Ext JS Layout system and how to avoid unnecessary overhead in the process.

Sencha Architect 3

Aaron Conran, Gil Gordon.
Get all the details on the newest version of Architect, and be the first to see latest features and technologies we’re rolling out. We will also give you a sneak peek at what we are working on next, some of which you can see today in our Early Access Program.

Making Sencha Frameworks a Piece of Cake

Jacky Nguyen.
This session will cover new Sencha technologies that will remain secret until they are announced in the SenchaCon 2013 keynote.

The Magic Touch - What's Next for Ext JS

Don Griffin.
This session will cover new Sencha Ext JS technologies that will remain secret until they are announced in the SenchaCon 2013 keynote.

Sencha Space

Jason Cline.
This session will cover new Sencha technologies that will remain secret until they are announced in the SenchaCon 2013 keynote.

Developing For Native: Cordova, Sencha and Ripple

Ross Gerbasi.
If you want to make your application available in the different platform application stores or need to add native device functionality, you’ll want to package it. We’ll show you how to use Cordova to do just that.

Sencha Touch Grid Introduction

Tommy Maintz.
This session will cover new Sencha technologies that will remain secret until they are announced in the SenchaCon 2013 keynote.

Achieving ADA/Section 508 Compliance with Ext JS 4.2

Brian Bentow.
Is making your applications ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant important to you and critical to your business? This session will walk you through how at Instamed, we met the WCAG 2.0 Guidelines with Ext JS 4.2, and will show you how you can meet them with your app too.

Node.js From Scratch: REST API

Patrick Chu.
Write a Sencha-compatible REST API in Node.js from scratch, using only the Node.js core API and nothing else. Leveraging the numerous node.js modules available is great for getting your node.js server application up and running, but when you really need to know what’s happening behind the scenes, there’s no substitute for building the entire web server from scratch. Our server will also support server-side sorting and filtering.

Lightning nodejs dev in Windows Azure

Glenn Block.
With Windows Azure you can develop, deploy and scale at lightning speed, using your choice of language and framework. And with Windows Azure support for node.js, you can even do it all at the command line. Come to this talk to see how it’s done, with more code and less talk.

Enterprise Grade Analytics Using Sencha Touch Charts

Gaurav Kheterpal.
Charts and graphs are the heart and soul of any enterprise analytics solution. Sencha Touch Charts provides the most advanced and time-tested charting capabilities among today’s leading HTML5 frameworks. But how do you tie the Sencha Touch Charts user interface into an n-tier application with various middleware and massive databases as the backend? The session explains how, and walks you through all do’s and don’ts of using Sencha Touch charts in any enterprise application.

Mobile Services and Sencha "To the Cloud and Beyond"

Glenn Block, Jack Ratcliff.
Building a cloud-enabled mobile app is not always easy. You’ve got a lot to worry about, like data access, identity, handling server validations, push notifications etc. In this talk, you’ll see how Windows Azure Mobile Services takes care of the heavy lifting for you and handles many of these concerns out of the box. You’ll also see how you can easily connect your Sencha apps to a Windows Azure Mobile Services backend. The cloud is closer than you think!

DJing with Sencha Touch

Stan Bershadsky.
This session showcases how the evolving HTML5 Web Audio API can be leveraged with Sencha Touch in order to create DJ software with a native-like user experience. You will learn about the Web Audio API, its flexibility and how well it can coexist in the Sencha Touch ecosystem.

GluJS: Building Test-Driven, MVVM-Based Applications with Ext JS and Touch

Mike Gai.
The huge growth of rich JavaScript/HTML5 applications has spawned many frameworks promising to make apps more “live” while keeping developers less stressed. Those based on the Model-View-View Model (MVVM) pattern have generated a lot of interest, and in this session we’ll show you how the GluJS framework brings MVVM – and a test-first methodology – as a natural fit to Ext JS and Touch apps.

Developing a Taste for Brains

Daniel Holmlund, Andrea Cammarata.
During this presentation, we’ll take a look at a HTML5 human vs. zombie game that runs on Tizen. We will walk through the code integrating Sencha Touch with the Tizen mobile device APIs. Then tie it all together with HTML5 animations, game interactions and mobile phone deployment. Yes, during this presentation we are both coding and killing zombies.