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Ext Designer for Ext JS 3 User’s Guide (PDF)

Published Aug 16, 2011 | Luca Candela | Guide | Easy
Last Updated Aug 17, 2011

This Guide is most relevant to , 1.x.

Download PDF version (7.8 MB)

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Written by Luca Candela
Luca is Sencha's product manager for the Tools product line. Luca has been involved in the creation of web applications as a designer, developer and product manager, in the Enterprise as well as in the Consumer space for a variety of companies before joining Sencha. Luca was born and raised in Italy, is passionate about UX, good design and playing guitar.
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4 years ago

This does look pormiisng. I’ll keep coming back for more.


3 years ago

just have a try


3 years ago

i can’t download the pdf…  could you send it to my email . thanks.

Nedra Burkhardt

3 years ago

Hey dude! I fully agree with your opinion. I really value what you’re doing here.

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