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Ext JS is a cross-browser JavaScript framework for building rich internet applications. It is also the foundation for Ext Designer, a desktop application that allows you build Ext JS web apps, and Sencha Touch, a mobile app framework for modern touch-based devices.

Check out the links below to find helpful resources for building apps with Ext JS.

Getting Started with Ext JS 4
Ext JS Essentials

TitleVersionDate AddedDifficulty
Overview of Ext JS 2 This document provides an overview all of the major features available the Ext JS 2 series releases. 2.x Jul 30, 2008 Easy
Extensions and Themes The Ext JS community has a large number of enthusiastic developers creating extensions and themes that you can use for your own applications. Use this list to find good quality components supported by third-party community members. 1.x, 2.x, 3.x Mar 18, 2011 Easy