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Plugin-free Charting

Plugin-free Charting

No plugins, no problem. Ext JS 4 delivers the most advanced charting and graphing capabilities of any JavaScript framework, without relying on plugins, delivering pixel perfect visuals on any browser on any operating system. Leveraging SVG and VML, the Ext JS 4 charting package lets developers design and program their graphs once for all browsers.

Modern App Framework

Modern App Framework

Ext JS 4 is a major step forward for web frameworks. Building on Ext JS 3.3, our latest release adds over 350 new APIs, 50 new classes, and 65% more documentation. An entirely new data package equips developers to leverage features like Infinite Grid Scrolling to build an entirely new level of interactivity to web apps.

MVC Application Architecture

MVC Application Architecture

Ext JS 4 brings a whole new way to build client applications, by introducing the popular model-view-controller pattern to Ext JS. By allowing the separation of data management, logic and interface elements, Ext JS 4 makes it easier for even large development teams to work independently without worrying about stepping on each other's toes. Ext JS 4 ships with a helpful MVC guide to get started.

extjs4-chart Charting

Stunning plug-in free graphs, charts and visualizations in pure HTML.

extjs4-drawing Drawing

Browser independent vector graphics. Draw without worrying about SVG or VML, in IE6+ to Chrome.

extjs4-data Data Package

Build modern, scaleable, enterprise grade web apps using MVC.

extjs4-grid Enhanced Grid

Locking, editing, and all the features you can imagine all at once.

extjs4-grid-infinite Infinite Scrolling

Browse years worth of data with a grid that can scroll forever.

extjs4-grid-infinite Row Editor

Make beautiful inline edits in a grid, rewritten and part of the core framework.

extjs4-split-dom Split DOM

Your browser, your DOM. Ext JS 4 always renders high performance DOM for each browser.

extjs4-theming Powerful Theming

Using SASS and Compass, your whole app can be themed in minutes.

extjs4-class-organized New Class System

The best object-oriented design meets the best JavaScript with our new class system.

extjs4-layouts Layouts

The most accurate cross-browser layout system yet, allowing dock layouts and fantastic forms.

extjs4-forms Forms

More flexible than ever, Ext JS 4 Forms can now use any layout allowing more freedom to design beautiful forms.

extjs4-sandbox Sandboxing

Run multiple versions of Ext JS side by side. Leverage your investments and migrate at your own pace.

extjs4-compat.js Compat.js

Reduces the time required to get your 3.x project running under 4.0. Our guides help you to fully migrate to 4.0.

extjs4-docs-new Documentation

Double the docs, including a new API browser so it's easier to find the features you need.

extjs4-small-size Encapsulated Architecture

Apps only bring the minimum JavaScript they need with new Ext JS 4 architecture; starting at just 100KB.

extjs4-class Component Query

Select and filter Components from a Component tree, or an Array—similar to CSS selectors.

extjs4-class Focus Manager

Improved focus manager lets users breeze through applications with their keyboard.

extjs4-class Z-Index Manager

Manage and set the z-index of windows, or any Ext JS component.