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HTML5 and its associated technologies have transformed the browser into a first-class application platform. Local structured storage, rich media, and deep device access are just a few of the newly available capabilities offered by today’s browsers, and it’s enriching the capability of applications delivered via the web.

Since 2008, we’ve built a reputation as a leader in HTML5, earning the “Visionary” placement by Gartner two years in a row. We are proud to be the company that worldwide enterprises look toward for help defining their HTML5 and cross-platform application strategy.

With more than two million developers worldwide, Sencha is the leading provider of open-source web application frameworks and tools to major enterprises and independent developers. Thousands of enterprise customers — including over 50% of the Fortune 100 — rely on Sencha technologies to power their most critical internal and external business applications.

Thriving Community

We have an active and growing developer community of over 450,000 users — a testament to the passion of Sencha and its developer fan base. There are Sencha developers in nearly every country of the world, so you’re certain to find one in your region. Not only does our community create amazing web applications with our frameworks, they also actively contribute to our forums — answering technical questions and assisting other developers.

Sencha Key Stats

  1. 2+ million Sencha developers worldwide
  2. 70+ worldwide meetup groups
  3. 5+ million product downloads
  4. 25+ services partners worldwide

Positioned as a Visionary company by Gartner two years in a row.

Sencha Labs

Sencha Labs is a non-profit foundation created to support open source projects affiliated with Sencha, like jQTouch and Raphaël.

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Over 50% of the Fortune 100 are Sencha customers

Merrill Lynch, McKesson, CNN, HSBC, Cisco, Visa, Samsung
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Sequoia Capital

Since 1972, Sequoia Capital has provided seed stage, early stage and growth stage venture capital for very smart founders and executives who have turned great ideas into sustainable companies of enduring value.

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Radar Partners is a professional investment firm focused on both private and public equity investing. The firm’s four partners have decades of combined experience in business creation, executive leadership and capital markets management.

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