Sencha partners help to create customer success

The Sencha Partner Program is tiered to offer you the right benefits for your business, whatever its size. Each level has its own benefits and its own badge.

Community Members

Getting started with our program as a Community Member is as simple as joining our online developer directory, SenchaDevs, for free. As a registered Community Member, you have a chance to advertise your skills and expertise. The SenchaDevs site allows potential clients to contact you directly with project requests – and rankings in the directory depend directly upon endorsements you subsequently receive. Registered members of the SenchaDevs community also enjoy a discount on Sencha training courses.

Select Partners

Once endorsed, and two members of staff have been certified by Sencha, your business is eligible to become a Select Partner for a small annual fee. As a Select Partner, you will be listed on our corporate website, and you can place a Select Partner badge on your own website and marketing material. Additional benefits include discounts on Sencha software licenses, discounts on training courses, referral program participation, Sencha sponsorship for meetup events that you schedule, and periodic co-branded webcasts.

Partners who offer training services can also benefit from Select Training Partner status, which includes being listed on the training area of our corporate website.

Premier Partners

Our Premier Partners are our most trusted and valued. For this tier, we require your business to have a minimum of five certified members of staff. As a Premier Partner, you will enjoy a featured listing on our corporate website, and the use of a Premier Partner badge. As well as the Select Partner benefits such as the referral program and training and licensing discounts, you’ll receive pre-sales and joint lead generation campaign assistance from Sencha.

Our Commitment

We take our relationship with our partners very seriously, and will support you to help make your business successful. Our referral process is designed to drive as much profitable business to our worldwide partners as possible. And the more we can help drive success for your business, the more we’ll

Partner Badges

Sencha Select Partner Sencha Premier Partner