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“Ext JS 5 is an immense step forward in the evolution of an amazing framework.”
Craig Walker, CTO of Xero

Sencha is excited to announce the release of Ext JS 5, the newest version of our flagship application development framework.

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Pivot Grid

Sencha Pivot Grid enables you to add powerful analytics functionality to your Ext JS applications — allowing your users to summarize and analyze data — and make more informed decisions. Now you can aggregate multidimensional data in web applications built using Ext JS Grids and provide deep Business Intelligence.


The Modern Web Stack

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Making Sense of Application Architecture Choices

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Architecture Choices”

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Making Sense of Application Architecture Choices

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with Structured Front-End Development”

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EXt JS 5 New Features

  • Tablet Support

  • New Themes

  • Grid Widgets

  • Touch Charts

Ext JS 5
Ext JS 5
  • MVVM Architecture

  • 2 Way Data Binding

  • Routing

  • Session Management

What is EXt JS 5?

A Better Way to Build Business Apps

With over 1000 documented APIs, a rich data package, and a class-based architecture , Ext JS 5 is the leading standard for building business-centric apps.

Modern App Framework

Ext JS 5 is the industry’s most powerful application development platform for delivering solutions to the most platforms, devices from legacy browsers on the desktop, as well as tablets and touch-based devices.

Robust User Interface Library

With more than 150 user interface components all designed to work together, Ext JS 5 delivers the most complete set of tools for solving business app challenges.

Why EXT JS 5 ?


Things that normally take hundreds of lines of code can be done in minutes using pre-built components.


Whether your app requirements change or your team grows, Ext JS is engineered to scale as your needs change and evolve.


Build your business apps with confidence and peace of mind knowing there are more than 2 Million Ext JS developers worldwide and an active community.


It’s a multi-device, multi-platform world. Ext JS 5 is architected to build apps that will work on legacy browsers as well as the latest touch-based devices.

“One framework, multiple form factors and devices, including desktop and mobile — that’s the promise of Ext JS 5. We build our app once, and our developers move quickly and easily onto new projects.”
Chris Thornhill, Chief Architect at Aptean

“We upgraded to Ext JS 5 because it helped our dev team become significantly more efficient. With MVVM, Ext JS 5 delivers a modern architecture on top of unrivaled, high quality, proven component and data packages.”
Rouslan Zenetl, Director of Application Development, National Hockey League

“Ext JS 5 will give us big productivity gains. Having one code base with support for a wide variety of modern and legacy browsers reduces our testing burden and frees up more time to implement the features our customers want most.”
Diana Jaffe, Product Manager, Guidewire

“The migration path from Ext JS 4 to Ext JS 5 is extremely minimal, so developers can upgrade apps with less effort and take advantage of the new features quickly.”
Jay Garcia, Co-founder and CTO of Modus Create

“We converted one of our apps to Ext JS 5, and it was quite simple. If you have a well-structured Ext JS 4 app, the conversion to Ext JS 5 should be a snap.”
Richard Milone, Managing Partner at CNX Corporation

“Sencha has made the Ext JS 4 to Ext JS 5 upgrade path nearly seamless. It will be easier to maintain apps in Ext JS 5 because the MVVM architecture makes collaboration between our developers more efficient.”
Steve Drucker, Founder and President, Fig Leaf Software

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EXt JS 5 Pricing

Up to 5 Developers


Ext JS 5
Five Licenses
1 Year Premium Maintenance & Support
(175 x-credits)

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20 Developers


Ext JS 5
Twenty Licenses
1 Year Premium Maintenance & Support
(750 x-credits)

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Sencha Premium Maintenance & Support

  • Access to All Minor Releases for Current Version

  • Access to Nightly Development Builds via Support Portal

  • Free Upgrades to Next Major Release (within 12 mo.)

  • Access to Online Ticketing System

  • Premium Forum Access

  • Temporary Overrides & Remote Troubleshooting

  • 48 Hour Max Initial Response Time

Ext JS Licensing Options

Sencha offers two licensing options for Ext JS 5, a Commercial Software License, and Commercial OEM License. To find out which solution is best:

Commercial Software License

If you want to use Ext JS to develop commercial applications and keep the source code proprietary.

Commercial software license »

Commercial OEM License

If you want to use Ext JS to create your own commercially licensed SDK (Software Developer Kit), or web application builder. Since use cases may vary, Commercial OEM Licenses are customized for each customer.

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