Ext JS Customer Spotlight: 2Gears

2Gears chose Ext JS to build its powerful corporate governance platform for both desktop and mobile. The company has been using Ext JS and other Sencha tools since their inception. The combination of a robust architecture, excellent documentation, a very complete UI component library, and true cross-browser support made Ext JS the logical choice. In June 2016, 2Gears was awarded FinTech Startup of the Year for its app.

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Ext JS and ES2015/6/7 – Modernizing the Ext JS Class System

The recent changes in JavaScript range from small pieces of syntax, up to the level of classes for creating coherent functional units, and extend all the way to connecting these pieces into apps via modules. In this article, Don gives you a preview of his session at SenchaCon 2016, where he’ll talk about how this evolution in language and tools affects the applications you write using Ext JS. Join us at SenchaCon to hear all of the details.

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Top Support Tips

Here are the latest tips from the Sencha Support Team. Learn how to create different builds and switch between them in your Ext JS apps, theme your apps with Sencha Themer, and use the childEIs for a quick reference of elements in your component.

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Ext JS & ECMAScript 2015

At SenchaCon 2016, you’ll learn how you can use ECMAScript2015 to take advantage of cleaner JavaScript code in your own Ext JS classes and controllers. Lee Boonstra will cover the top 10 new features of ECMAScript 2015 and teach you how to use them by showing code examples. Today, she shares tips on using ECMAScript 2015 Generators.

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3 Weeks to SenchaCon 2016

Just over three weeks left until SenchaCon 2016. You don’t want to miss all of the great content, hanging out with Sencha engineers and your colleagues, and lots of fun at the pool party and community pavilion. We’ve got a great keynote session planned for you. You’ll hear from technical leaders at Ubisoft, American Airlines, Real Capital Markets, and Columbia Sportswear. Register today.

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Ext JS Customer Spotlight:

Footballguys is a small company specializing in fantasy football (NFL) advice that chose Ext JS to build its app and deploy to app stores and existing online subscribers. Draft Dominator is used by more than 200,000 users every year. The app has reached #2 in the iPad paid app charts.

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Building Hybrid Mobile Apps with Sencha Architect 4

Hybrid mobile apps enable you to deliver your app to market faster. With Ext JS 6, Architect 4, and the Apache Cordova toolset, you have one codebase to quickly develop your app, and then you can distribute it to multiple platform app stores. Learn how to get started with building hybrid mobile apps.

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First Look: Ext JS Bridge to Angular 2

We have some exciting news for you! At SenchaCon, we’ll be introducing the ability to use Ext JS components, layouts, and themes within an Angular 2 application, which we’re currently calling the Ext JS Bridge to Angular 2 (also known as ‘The Bridge’). In this article, I want to give you a sneak peek at this new functionality. Then, join us at SenchaCon to learn more.

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