Materializing the Ext JS Modern Toolkit

Ext JS 6.2 EA introduced a brand new theme for the Modern Toolkit, based on Google’s Material Design. All components not only benefit from the look and feel, but can change dynamically using our new, CSS variable-based, real-time theme updating capability.

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Announcing Oracle Forms Modernization Service from Sencha

We’re excited to announce a new service that helps teams migrate legacy Oracle Forms applications to modern cross-platform web applications in days versus weeks or months. The Sencha Professional Services team can help you modernize your Oracle Forms app into a flexible, cross-platform web application without rewriting code or discarding existing application investments.

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Using Sencha Ext.Config

In this guest post by Vadim Popa of Modus Create, you’ll learn about the new Ext.Config features that are available in Ext JS 6. You can also learn more by reading the Ext JS 6 docs.

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Announcing Ext Speeder for Sencha Ext JS Applications

We’re very excited to announce the launch of Ext Speeder, a partner solution from Speedment, that dramatically improves the performance of your data-intensive Ext JS applications. Ext Speeder allows you to make your Ext JS Grid queries blazingly fast. Try Ext Speeder for free.

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Sencha Architect 4.0 Early Access is Now Available

Sencha Architect 4.0 Early Access is now available. Architect 4.0 provides support for Ext JS 6 Modern toolkit, empowering your team to build advanced mobile applications and enterprise desktop applications with a single code base. Try it out and share your feedback in the forum.

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Inside Ext JS: How It Helps You Build Great Enterprise Apps

We occasionally come across developers that don’t understand why the world needs Ext JS among the huge catalog of JavaScript frameworks, and why Ext JS does things the way it does. Those conversations have great potential to help us improve our products and better address the needs of development teams. The short answer is that we are trying to provide the best application development experience. That desire guides all of our choices, in spite of a dynamically changing market and standards landscape. Check out this article to get the longer answer.

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Rapidly Theme Ext JS Apps with Sencha Themer Early Access

With Sencha Themer Early Access, you can easily create themes and change global as well as component-specific theme variables. You can inspect component styles in detail and see changes in real time with Fashion. Themer also allows you to export your theme and share it. Download it today and share your feedback in the forum.

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