Sencha Inspector Is Now Generally Available

Sencha Inspector

We’re excited to announce that Sencha Inspector is now generally available as part of Ext JS Premium. Inspector is designed to provide application insights and intelligent debugging capabilities for any Sencha application developed with Ext JS or Sencha Touch – regardless of the browser you’re using. Read about all of the features and try it out.

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SenchaCon Roadshows in Scandinavia

In September, we visited Scandinavia, for the third set of cities on the SenchaCon Roadshow in Europe. Together with our partners Bryntum and Orango AB, we visited Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Stockholm, Sweden – all in one week! Take a look to see what we talked about and sign up for an upcoming SenchaCon Roadshow.

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Announcing GXT 4 Early Access

We are extremely excited to announce the availability of Sencha GXT 4 Early Access version. With GXT 4, you’ll be able to build rich, data-centric HTML5 applications for both desktops and tablets using Java, and mobilize your existing GXT apps. Download it now and share our feedback in the forum.

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Modern Enterprise Apps: Common Use Cases in Logistics, Supply Chain, and Field Service

Mobile computing, persistent internet connectivity, and the evolution of global commerce has driven competitive pressure to automate and digitize processes that were once manual and paper-based. We explore common use cases in logistics, supply chain, inventory, fleet management, and field service applications. Learn how Sencha technology enables the development, deployment, and management of these applications across devices.

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Building and Deploying Modern HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Applications

Healthcare organizations are under increasing pressure to integrate information technology with their patient care and clinical operations. The Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPAA) has long mandated strict privacy and information security measures for “covered entities” such as physicians, insurance providers, clinical institutions, and health information exchanges. Failure to comply is punishable with strict financial penalties. Learn how Sencha can help healthcare application developers to build and deploy modern, HIPAA-compliant healthcare applications.

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Top 3 Ways Your EMM Solution Falls Short – And What You Can Do About It

EMM solutions provide a useful set of capabilities to help organizations manage the myriad of new mobile devices entering their corporate IT environments. But, they only address a subset of the challenges around mobility. We explore the top 3 ways EMM solutions are ineffective, and how Web Application Manager can coexist to meet those needs.

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Next-Generation Hybrid Applications: Better apps, delivered faster, at lower cost, on any device

Next-generation hybrid application deployment and management solutions allow organizations to focus their constrained development budgets on driving innovation in their core competencies and differentiators, instead of re-creating foundational technologies such as application management, deployment, data security, and analytics. We modeled the cost of maintaining and developing an application on three platforms over a 5-year lifecycle. Take a look and let us know if you’d like to see how the cost comparison would look when customized for your organization.

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