Ext Speeder Case Study: Portfolio IQ

Extremely Heavy Industries developed Portfolio IQ in collaboration with the Speedment team to showcase the performance and capabilities of Ext Speeder when combined with a rich dataset, development best practices, and the latest Sencha frameworks and components. The resulting demo offers fast access to millions of rows of performance and pricing data for a set of simulated trading strategies, with options to segment and drill into data across multiple dimensions. Learn more in our upcoming webinar.

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A Look Back at 2016

Art Landro takes a look back at 2016 and all that we accomplished with you, our customers and community. We’ve got exciting updates planned for you in 2017. We’re looking forward to a great year, and we thank you for your business and commitment.

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Create Web Apps with the Capabilities of Native Apps

Modern web browsers provide new capabilities, so developers can create native-like web apps. Chrome and Firefox already allow web apps to launch from the home screen, run offline, access internal hardware, and even run code compiled in C++ at blazing speed. Last month, I gave a talk at SenchaCon on some of latest technologies that make these new capabilities for web apps possible. Learn about some of these game-changing technologies that will allow you to create a new class of high-performance web apps with native-like capabilities.

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SenchaCon 2016 Videos and Slides

SenchaCon was jam packed with deep technical content from Sencha Engineers, partners, and customers. We’ve published all of the videos and slides, so you and your colleagues can learn about the future of the modern web, exciting advancements we have planned for modern JavaScript, open web tooling, integrations we’ve built with React and Angular, best practices for testing web applications, and much more.

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Using Multiple Browser Instances with Sencha Test

Automation engineers often need two or more browser instances open when writing end-to-end tests. This allows them to test concurrency aspects of web applications such as business logic integrity involving multi-user scenarios. Sencha Test 2.0, along with the new WebDriver scenario type, introduces the ability to use multiple browser contexts in the same test.

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Sencha Architect 4.1 is Now Generally Available

We’re pleased to announce that Architect 4.1 is now generally available, with support for Ext JS 6.2.1 and Cmd 6.2.1. With Architect 4.1, you can drag and drop Ext JS 6 premium components – D3, Pivot Grid, Calendar, Exporter, and various Grid plugins – to quickly build business-critical web applications.

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Sencha Visual Studio Code Plugin 1.0 Now Generally Available

We’re excited to announce that Sencha Visual Studio Code Plugin is now generally available to all Ext JS customers. The Visual Studio Code plugin is an extension available for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code editor and is available for Windows, OS X, and Linux. Try it out and share your feedback in the forum.

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5 Web Technology Predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about what’s in store for 2017. Art Landro shares his top 5 web technology predictions – data will remain a key growth area in the coming year and web application developers will continue to rule the world. Check out all of his predictions.

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