Announcing Ext JS 5.1.2: Including Microsoft Edge Support

Sencha Ext JS

Ext JS 5.1.2 is now available. This version supports the latest browser – Microsoft Edge. You can now deliver your Ext JS 5.1 apps for your customers using Microsoft Edge. Ext JS 5.1.2 also includes more than 240 bug fixes. Try it out and share your feedback in the forum.

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The Rise of Web Tech in the Enterprise

Web Tech Growth Infographic Featured

This infographic highlights some of the key findings from a recent survey that was conducted by Forrester and commissioned by Sencha. The results showed that web technology has gone mainstream and more organizations are shifting away from native development to improve productivity and deliver increasingly sophisticated web apps to market.

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Why Ext JS Apps Scale, When Others Don’t

JetBrains IDE Plugin

As companies adopt HTML5 for web apps, it’s important to choose technologies that scale to help prevent re-writes and promote code reusability. The object-oriented structure of Ext JS with its separation of concerns, along with the massive out-of-the-box component library, makes it easy to build scalable applications.

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Building Data-Intensive, Secure, Offline Web Applications

Many Sencha customers need to create applications that can efficiently and securely operate with large working datasets, on the order of several hundreds of megabytes and larger. This is a complicated task in itself, but many of these organizations also have to operate the application offline, to secure local data, and to support mobile and desktop devices. Learn how developers can use Sencha Web Application Manager to create secure, mobile, high-performance, data-intensive applications.

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Sencha Inspector Is Now Generally Available

Sencha Inspector

We’re excited to announce that Sencha Inspector is now generally available as part of Ext JS Premium. Inspector is designed to provide application insights and intelligent debugging capabilities for any Sencha application developed with Ext JS or Sencha Touch – regardless of the browser you’re using. Read about all of the features and try it out.

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SenchaCon Roadshows in Scandinavia

In September, we visited Scandinavia, for the third set of cities on the SenchaCon Roadshow in Europe. Together with our partners Bryntum and Orango AB, we visited Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark; and Stockholm, Sweden – all in one week! Take a look to see what we talked about and sign up for an upcoming SenchaCon Roadshow.

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Announcing GXT 4 Early Access

We are extremely excited to announce the availability of Sencha GXT 4 Early Access version. With GXT 4, you’ll be able to build rich, data-centric HTML5 applications for both desktops and tablets using Java, and mobilize your existing GXT apps. Download it now and share our feedback in the forum.

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