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With our Maintenance and Support subscription, whether you need help resolving issues with your app, or access to our nightly builds that contain critical fixes to the frameworks, we’ve got you covered. From support to professional services and training, with access to our knowledgeable and enthusiastic Sencha engineers, we can help you tackle any problem. And you can always connect to the Sencha community for solving issues and sharing knowledge via our forums.

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Discussion about events, meetups, framework related issues, and any general topics of interest to the Sencha community.

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How to Use Support

Licensing, Maintenance, and Support FAQs

Sencha Maintenance & Support Subscriptions

Free Upgrade to Next Major Release

You get the rights to all major and minor versions for one year, including free upgrades to the next major release within 12 months.

Early Access to Custom Bug Fixes

You can get temporary fixes until a reported bug is patched in production.

Premium Forum Access

You gain access to the Sencha Premium Forums.

Access to Nightly Development Builds

You can test bug fixes, preview new features, and see every code check-in through direct access to nightly development builds via the support portal.

Access to Online Ticketing System

You get access to the online ticketing system for critical technical support.

Remote Troubleshooting

The quickest way to receive valuable assistance from Sencha product experts.

Product Support Policy

This table shows the official support timeframes for Sencha products.

Initial Release Date (X.0)
Standard Support Ends
Extended Support Available
Extended Support May Be Purchased Through
Extended Support Ends
Ext JS
5.x 6/1/2014 Support until 2.5 years after next major version GA, plus 2 yr. extended support 12/31/2017 Yes 12/31/2018 12/31/2019
4.x 4/26/2011 Support until 2.5 years after next major version GA, plus 2 yr. extended support 12/31/2016 Yes 12/31/2017 12/31/2018
3.x 7/1/2009 Support until 2 years after next major version GA, plus 5 yr. extended support 4/25/2013 Yes 5/31/2017 5/31/2018
3.x 4/27/2012 Support until 2 years after next major version GA, plus 2 yr. extended support 11/30/2017 Yes 11/30/2018 11/30/2019
2.x 11/1/2009 Support until 2.5 years after next major version GA, plus 2 yr. extended support 12/31/2014 Yes 12/31/2016 12/31/2017
Sencha Touch
2.x 3/6/2012 Support until 1 year after Ext JS 6 GA 9/30/2016 No N/A N/A
1.x 11/15/2010 Support until 2 years after next major version GA 3/5/2014 No N/A N/A

Extended Maintenance and Support Policy

With Extended Maintenance and Support, customers are entitled to receive bug fixes, support for new browsers, access to the premium forums, online ticketing systems, and remote troubleshooting. In some instances, in order to resolve an issue, a customer may need to upgrade to the last minor version of the release. For example, if a customer is currently on Ext JS 4.1, they may be required to upgrade to Ext JS 4.2 in order to have their issue resolved. Sencha will make a best effort to support new browsers and browser versions based on the extended maintenance and support customer’s request. Customers are also entitled to support for all versions of Ext JS for which standard support is then currently available.

Extended maintenance and support for each major version is sold separately and must be purchased for all licenses held by the organization. Please contact Sales to get a quote. Contact Services to request migration assistance.

Sencha Training

For all of our products we offer comprehensive training with the flexibility to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced developers. Build curriculum to match your team by choosing from our standard course list, or with custom training.

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Sencha Professional Services

Our team has years of experience applying best practices in software architecture and development for mobile and rich Internet apps. We can help you to meet your business objectives faster, with better user experience, and lower risk.

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