Theme Ext JS apps visually and without writing Sass code

Sencha Themer empowers you to style Ext JS 6 apps and make them look great. You can create custom themes using graphical tools – without writing code. Themer gives you access to Ext JS components and inspection tools to set fine-grained styles and generate theme packages with dynamic stylesheets.

Sencha Themer provides a pre-built example app that has many Ext JS components you can theme. Based on the toolkit you select, you can customize any Ext JS theme including Material, Triton, Neptune, Crisp, and Grey. You can easily theme global variables including base color, background color, font, gradient, and more. With Themer, you can inspect component styles visually rather than going through hundreds of Sass variables. Themer provides a unique inspect mode that freezes the state of components and locks the styles, so you can easily apply different styles to various states of components.

With the innovative color palette in Themer, it’s easy to apply different color combinations to different component states. The color palette shows base, body background, and font color with 5%, 10%, 15% lighter and darker colors. There is also an additional palette that helps you select colors from Material Design. The Themer font management option allows you to quickly add web fonts from Google fonts.

Exporting themes is a one-click step in Sencha Themer. Once you’re happy with your theme, use can publish to an export zipped archive of the Ext JS package. You can then share the theme with other users, add to workspaces, and use the “publish” option to directly apply the theme to your Ext JS app.

Sencha Themer is available as part of the Ext JS Premium package. Try Sencha Themer free for 30 days by downloading the Ext JS trial. The confirmation email includes a link for Themer, so you can just select it if you’ve already downloaded Ext JS.

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Latest version:
Themer 1.0.2

Supported Frameworks

  • Ext JS 6.0+

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