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The Sencha Services team includes some of the world’s best Ext JS and Sencha Touch engineers with deep experience building mobile and web applications. Our team has successfully delivered and assisted with hundreds of applications worldwide.

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This seasoned technical team stands ready to provide you hands-on expert assistance in the use of Sencha frameworks and tools, as well as general software architecture advice, in both on-site and off-site engagements. We will help you meet your business objectives faster, with better user experience and lower risk.

What We Offer

Using our expertise with Sencha frameworks and our unique position of working directly with the Sencha framework engineering team, Sencha Services offers a variety of services, including:

Enterprise Mentoring and Architectural Planning

If you’re building a new application or readying an existing application for web or mobile access, our experts can provide trusted technical advice that enables you to optimize yours apps for performance, scalability, maintainability, and excellent user experience.


Embedded Development Experts

For particularly large or complex development projects, our clients have often found it helpful to embed one or more of our solutions engineers directly into their development organization to work alongside their developers as Sencha subject matter experts.


Code Review and Best Practices Knowledge Transfer

In situations where you have an existing application or a development project that is already well underway, you can leverage our expertise to provide help with performance tuning, proper MVC structure, theming strategies, debugging techniques and testing methods.

Custom Component Development

All Sencha frameworks have a rich set of components out of the box, but in those cases where you have more specific needs we’re ready to assist by designing and building custom Ext JS, Sencha Touch or Ext GWT components based on your functional specifications.

UI/UX Design Assistance

Our designers and developers can help you take your mobile or web app user interface ideas from concept to reality using Sencha products. Whether its a new application, or a refresh of an old stand-by, we’re ready to give you the look, feel and functionality your users need to get the most from your app.

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