Build Your Application for the Long Run

The Sencha Services team has deep expertise in helping enterprises design, develop, and manage mobile and web applications. We help you accelerate your web application development efforts with a wide variety of services.

Your web applications have to work in an environment that is constantly changing and affected by external pressures. Our services professionals have the required technical skills to assist you over the entire lifecycle of your web application.

We can help you define your application roadmap by developing a comprehensive release plan and an application strategy to support the requirements of your organization.

Sencha has deep expertise in best practices and can help your organization to increase productivity, improve quality, and decrease costs related to web application design, development, and management.

Get Hands-on Technical Assistance

The Sencha Services technical team provides hands-on expert assistance in the use of Sencha products, in both on-site and off-site engagements. We will help you to deliver your web applications faster with better user experience and lower risk.



Enterprise Mentoring and Architectural Planning

Our experts can provide technical advice to help you optimize your applications for performance, scalability, maintainability, and user experience. Our developers work directly with your team on best practices knowledge transfer, architectural planning, code reviews, pair programming, and more. Your team gains valuable technical skills, and your users get the high quality apps they demand.


Dedicated Development Experts

For particularly large or complex development projects, we can assign a solutions engineer to work as a subject matter expert within your development organization. We review user interaction, performance, and scalability requirements, and assign the technical resources that best fit the project.


Code Review and Best Practices Knowledge Transfer

You can leverage our expertise to provide help with performance tuning, proper MVC structure, theming strategies, debugging techniques, and testing methods.


Custom Component Development

Sencha frameworks have a rich set of components out of the box, but we can also build custom Sencha Ext JS, Sencha Touch, or Sencha GXT components based on your functional specifications.


UI/UX Design Assistance

Our designers and developers can help you take your mobile or web application user interface ideas from concept to reality using Sencha products. We can give your application the look-and-feel and functionality that your users want.

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