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7 Things About Angular Material Components You May Have Not Known

March 8, 2022 209 Views

Sencha ExtAngular is a suite of Angular material components for using Angular to construct data-intensive web applications. Components are professionally designed, tested, and preserved, and they interact with one another effortlessly. Here are some interesting things that might have not crossed your mind each Sencha angular material component.

Did you know ExtJS has so many prebuilt UI components?

Angular is a prominent JavaScript framework that allows you to develop web applications using components. Angular, on the other hand, does not come with any pre-built components. Angular, on the other hand, does not come with any pre-built components. Angular developers must choose between creating these components from zero or relying on the community for help. ExtAngular with Angular allows you to construct web applications more quickly. Also, ExtAngular supports Angular 7.x. ExtAngular comes with over 140 pre-built and pre-tested user interface components. Some of the key components of ExtAngular are 

  • Grid 
  • PivotGrid
  • Exporter 
  • Layout
  • Charts
  • D3
  • Forms and Form Validation
  • Calendar 
  • Buttons, Tabs, Menus, and Panels

Did you know it has a grid with inbuilt functionalities for sorting and grouping?

Sencha inbuilt grids are a great way to display vast volumes of tabular data. Grid, which is just a boosted <table>, makes retrieving, sorting, and filtering vast volumes of data simple. Grids are made up of two major components, an which comprises of data and columns to output. The main features of the grid are columns, rows, and cells, rendered and templates, and sorting and filtering. If we further elaborate on sorting and filtering Every grid is connected to an, which allows for multi-sorting and filtering. It is indeed simple to create a sorted grid from the beginning itself. Sorting is simple in real-time by just clicking on each column heading. Whenever you need to sort multiple fields at the same time, it’s simple to accomplish so by introducing additional sorters to the store. 

ExtAngular Grid also includes a Locking Grid feature that allows users to lock columns or “freeze pane” in the same way that Excel does.


Did you know you can add powerful analytics with PivotGrid?

Developers may utilize Pivot Grid to provide powerful analytics features to Angular applications, letting people analyze and evaluate data in order to make better decisions. The ExtAngular Pivot Grid makes adding pivot functionality to web applications straightforward. Your users may utilize Pivot Grid to examine aggregate multidimensional data using a variety of aggregation methods, including sum, average, count, and more.Ext.pivot.matrix.Local can be used to perform calculations in your browser and  Ext.pivot.matrix.Remote can be used to do the calculations remotely on the server. 

Did you know ExtAngular Charts provides all types of 2D and 3D charts?

Charts provide excellent data visualization capabilities. ExtAngular Charts include all of the standard 2D and 3D chart formats. Mainly there are three types of charts in ExtAngular which are as follows,

  • cartesian/chart – Chart for series implementations that use cartesian coordinates to plot values. For example, bar, scatter, area, and line charts. Most commonly used chart.
  • Polar – Chart for series implementations that plot values using polar coordinates. For example Radial and pie charts.
  • Space-filling – Chart that fills the entire area of the chart.

All major browsers are supported by each chart. Grid cells can also be used to integrate Sparkline charts. Along with the chart type, different interactions can also be added such as item highlighting and rotating. This chart also provides a Legend store for storing legend data gathered from series.


Did you know ExtAngular Layouts provides positioning of components?

With the robust and versatile layout system, Layouts assures the right scaling and positioning of all components. ExtAngular provides a number of layouts. Set the layout prop on Container-derived components to apply a layout. The layout value can be either string or object.

You can find different layouts such as hbox, vbox, card, animation, accordion, year picker, header, carousel, view port, fit, and docking. You can see live layouts in action in  ExtAngular Kitchensink.


Did you know that D3(Data-Driven Documents package) can be integrated into your angular application?

For data visualization, D3 is a very common option. ExtAngular D3 Adapter components make integrating D3 to an Angular application simple. The Ext JS D3 Adapter comes with a variety of built-in visualization components like heatmaps, treemaps, sunbursts, and more, as shown in the image as well as the ability to generate your custom visualizations. You can develop an Ext JS component based on any representation from D3.js gallery. 

This can also be used to integrate data stores to update the visualizations as data changes with the pan/zoom interaction feature embedded.


Did you know that there is a way to export data from a standard grid?

Exporter helps users to export data from regular or Pivot Grid to a range of common formats, including HTML, XLSX, CSV, XML, and TSV for further analysis and data sharing. Gridexporter and Ext.pivot.plugin both utilize exporters. Exporter, however, can also be utilized on its own if necessary. If the above extensions are required to export data to a file type that is not directly supported by the exporter package, it is preferable to extend this class and construct a custom exporter that does so. Both plugins can utilize the very same custom exporter this way. When tabular data which doesn’t originate from a grid panel or a pivot grid requires to be downloaded to a file, there are a few options. This might be accomplished using any of the existing exporters independently.

Are you ready to get started with Sencha?

This article has covered seven aspects of Sencha Angular Material Component (ExtAngular) that you should know before beginning your adventure. So now are you ready to use Sencha extAngular? Download it today and experience it yourself.