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Ext JS for the Community

February 11, 2020 448 Views

It’s been over a year since we announced the Sencha Ext JS Community Edition which provides the most comprehensive modern JavaScript framework a developer needs to build data-intensive, cross-platform web applications. It is a free, limited commercial use license, with robust Ext JS Frameworks, hundreds of modern components, a material theme, and more to develop stunning-looking apps. Since the launch, we’ve been excited to see the growing interest.

Haven’t heard of the Ext JS Frameworks Community License? Here’s a quick rundown on who benefits from this free license.

Who should choose Ext JS Community Edition

Anyone developing cross-platform web, mobile or desktop applications with JavaScript and making less than $10,000 USD (or equivalent currency) in revenue will greatly benefit from this license. This typically includes:

  • Individual JavaScript Developers
  • Early startups who are bootstrapping product versions before securing capital
  • Hobbyists
  • Students learning new languages and starting to develop cross-platform apps

License Duration

After registering, the license is effective for a full year term (with renewal options), unless your revenue exceeds the $10,000 threshold, upon which, you can easily upgrade your codebase to the Ext JS commercial license. Read the software license agreement for more details.

What’s Included

The Community Edition comes packed with the following:

  • Core Ext JS framework to build cross-browser compatible “universal” apps—meaning you develop once and seamlessly deploy on different platforms (web, mobile, desktop).
  • Hundreds of pre-built, high-performance UI components including the powerful Ext JS data grid, forms, calendars, charting components, trees, buttons, panels, layouts and many more.
  • Includes access to the entire UI component feature set including powerful Ext JS grid features such as drag-and-drop, locking, grouping, custom filtering, copy-paste, infinite scrolling to handle massive data sets and many many more.
  • NPM based package access to efficiently manage dependencies and package versions to generate and quickly build apps.
  • Extensive documentation, tutorials and plenty of code examples.
  • Sencha Stencils—a complete UI kit for designing apps.
  • An online utility called ‘Fiddle’ for quickly creating, running and sharing code examples.

Locked Grid

Success Stories

Many individual developers or startups that fit the license criteria may typically initiate their app development with Ext JS Community License. As they start growing, we’ve seen several success stories of these small companies unlocking the fullest potential of the framework and tools with the Ext JS commercial license. The same startups were able to quickly, efficiently and securely scale their Ext JS application while keeping dev costs down, and increasing their business impact and revenue as a result.

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Building applications that work seamlessly on different platforms while staying compatible with different browsers, and offering the expected high performance in this data-rich world can be a daunting task. Ext JS is your one-stop solution—a comprehensive framework packed with all the necessary components and tools required to simplify app development.

Got further license questions? See the Ext JS Community Edition FAQ.

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