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Creating an Ext JS Login/Registration Form in 3 Easy Steps

April 21, 2020 423 Views

ExtJS includes form components that allow you to quickly and easily create fully functional and validated forms. In this example, we show how to create a login/registration form with the following features in minutes using the Ext Js Javascript Web Framework, which will greatly assist you in developing HTML5 applications.

  • Adding textfield, numberfield, datefield
  • Adding form validation (email, password…)
  • Displaying form error messages
  • Resetting values
  • Processing form values

Login Form

A simple example demonstrating how to create a login form.

Step 1: Create form configuration

	xtype: 'formpanel',
	title: 'Form login example',
	bodyPadding: 20,
	width: 500,
	bbar: ['->',{
    	   text: 'Login',
    	   handler: 'onLogin'
	items: [{
    	   xtype: 'textfield',
    	   label: 'User ID',
    	   name: 'user',
    	   placeholder: 'user id',
	}, {
    	xtype: 'passwordfield',
    	   label: 'Password',
    	   name: 'pass',
    	   placeholder: 'password'
	}, {
    	   xtype: 'checkbox',
    	   boxLabel: 'Remember me',
    	   name: 'remember'

Step 2: Add form validation

        //Required field
        allowBlank: false,
        required: true,
        //Custom validator
        validators: function (value) {
	return /^[a-zA-Z]{8,}$/.test(value) ? true : 'Your password must contain at least 8 characters';

Step 3: Display error messages

errorTip: {
	anchor: true,
	align: 'l-r?'
errorTarget: 'under'

Sencha Fiddle:

Registration Form

A simple example of a registration form with field mask, email validation or selectfield.

Step 1: Email validation

    xtype: 'emailfield',
    label: 'Email',
    name: 'email',
    allowBlank: false,
    required: true,
    //Email validation
    validators: 'email',
    errorTip: {
        anchor: true,
        align: 'l-r?'
    errorTarget: 'under'

Step 2: Field Mask

    //Field mask
    label: 'Phone Number',
    name: 'phone',
    inputType: 'tel',
    autoComplete: true,
    autoHideInputMask: false,
    inputMask: '(999) 999-9999'

Step 3: Selectfield

	//Multiple selection
	xtype: 'selectfield',
	label: 'Skills',
	name: 'skills',
	multiSelect: true,
	autoSelect: false,
	clearable: true,
	options: [
	chipView: {
    	plugins: {
            dataviewtip: {
                align: 'tl-br',
                constrainToView: false,
                delegate: '.x-close-el',
                allowOver: true,
                anchor: false,
                anchorToTarget: false,
                bind: '{record}',
                tpl: 'Remove skill {text}'

Sencha Fiddle:


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