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Introducing Sencha Ext.NET—a Blazing Fast Web App Development Approach for ASP.NET

October 29, 2020 484 Views

You guessed correctly! Building beautiful and fast web apps with ASP.NET Core and Ext JS has never been easier!Sencha Ext.NET is an advanced ASP.NET Core UI framework that incorporates the powerful Ext JS Javascript Grid Librariesfor efficient and scalable web and mobile app development for features such as the Row Operations Edit, Drag-and-drop, Copy-Paste, Expand, Select, Reorder, Customized Menu, Cell Overflow Tooltip User-defined operations & Pivoting Features Drill down, aggregation, editor, exporter

The goal is to drastically reduce the amount of time spent on development and testing. Ext.NET combines the industry’s leading client and server-side technologies (Ext JS and ASP.NET) to provide the most comprehensive and efficient UI controls for building well-structured and lightning-fast enterprise-grade apps.

Ext.NET provides the full spread of 140+ high-performing, visually appealing components spanning data analytics and management, visualization, editing, and UX components. The extensive list of UI components includes grids, trees, toolbars, charts, buttons, forms, as well as modern-looking layouts, themes, and many more!

If you are an ASP.NET developer, Ext.NET is the perfect choice for app development for all these reasons and more.

Drop-and-go components—High-quality UI components that drop right into your apps. Pre-tested and pre-built, you’ll always find the components you need in a single central library.
Cross-browser & Cross-platform support—Seamless UX across browsers and platforms, supporting modern & legacy browsers. Build ASP.NET web apps on Mac/Linux using VS Code. Choose the OS, IDE, and build systems of your choice!
Simplified client-to-server communication using direct events. No need to write client-side JavaScript or manually wire up AJAX calls.
Flexible layout manager and responsive config system help organize data display across multiple browsers, devices, and screen sizes.
Complete customization options so your apps look the way you want them to.
Out-of-the-box modern themes that reflect your brand identity.
Exceptional technical support.

Spectacular looking themes for your applications

Build ASP.NET web apps on Win/Mac/Linux using VS Code or choose the OS, IDE and build system of choice.


Top Ext.NET Features

  • No external dependencies
  • Industry-leading high-performance Data Grid component
  • Flexible syntax options including TagHelpers, HtmlHelpers, and C#
  • Easy interoperability with .NET data source types
  • Supports the latest ASP.NET Core release
  • Multi-platform support including macOs, Linux, and Windows
  • Enterprise-grade scalability, security, and performance

Ext.NET Editions

There are three Ext.NET editions available. Ext.NET Classic, Modern (coming soon), and Legacy. Each edition is intended for slightly different usage scenarios.

Which Ext.NET edition should I choose?

Ext.NET Classic: Primarily targeted to desktop web-browser-based applications, Ext.NET Classic is built on a new ASP.NET Core 3.1 architecture. If you are starting a new ASP.NET Core project, choose Ext.NET Classic.
Ext.NET Modern (releasing shortly): Very similar to the classic version, Ext.NET Modern also includes support for creating web applications that run across all devices including desktop and mobile (phones, tablets). The components and features are similar to Classic but may vary slightly in certain usages.
Ext.NET Legacy: If you have an existing project using ASP.NET WebForms or MVC, Ext.NET Legacy will be the best option.

Try out Sencha Ext.NET

See why Ext.NET might be the right choice for your development with ASP.NET. The full-featured 30-day trial lets you choose the download of choice from legacy, modern or classic versions.

How do I get started and what resources do I have?

The Getting Started Guide has all the info you need to set up Ext.NET. Watch the video on how to install the Ext.NET Template and create a new web app in a few easy steps. Check out the Examples Explorer with lots of direct Ext.NET component demos.

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What is ASP.NET & ASP.NET Core?
ASP.NET Core is an open-source web app framework that lays the foundation for creating web apps in .NET Core. ASP.NET Core is the open-source version of ASP.NET that runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows. ASP.NET allows developers to build great websites and web apps using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and offers 3 frameworks—ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, and ASP.NET Web Pages. The original .NET framework was released in Feb 2002 by Microsoft, mainly targeted for Windows OS allowing .NET apps to be written in C#, F#, or VB. In 2016, .NET Core evolved to provide cross-platform support (Win, Linux, MacOS).