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Sencha Stencils 3.0 is Now Available

July 6, 2017 104 Views

We’re excited to announce our latest release of Sencha Stencils (formerly known as Ext JS Stencils), a complete UI asset kit for designers. In this release, we have included components using the popular Material theme that’s featured in the Ext JS Modern toolkit as well as in ExtReact. Stencils has also been updated to include new components such as Calendar and Date Panel. This release contains files for Illustrator, Sketch, Balsamiq, and SVG/PNG that you can use in the design program of your choice.

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What’s New

Material Theme Support

One of the most exciting updates is support for the Material theme. You can now easily create Material Design inspired mockups for your web applications. With the release of Ext JS 6.5 and ExtReact, developers can build modern web applications with Sencha’s powerful set of components, all using the Material theme. And, Stencils 3.0 contains all of these components, so you can work alongside developers using pixel-perfect visual assets in your designs.

Sencha Stencils 3.0 - Material Theme Support

New Components

Ext JS 6.5 includes many enhancements to the Modern toolkit. This update brought a lot of the components that you loved from the Classic toolkit into the Modern toolkit, as well as a few new ones. In Stencils 3.0, you’ll find new components such as: Calendar, Date Picker, Chart Navigator, and more.

Sencha Stencils 3.0 - New Component Support

Using Stencils with Sencha Themer

Designers and developers, who want to plan theme colors before any coding happens, have always been able to use Stencils to experiment with color combinations. Now in the most recent version of Themer, you can easily import the color data from the Stencils file. Vector editing programs like Adobe Illustrator and Sketch allow you to select shapes and export hex color values in CSS or other text formats. Once you export these files, you can then import them into Themer to populate the color picker.

Sencha Stencils 3.0 - Using it with Sencha Themer

Next Steps

Stencils 3.0 is packed with amazing new components and features. Add Stencils to your development workflow and make it easier than ever to build stunning web apps. Download Stencils for free and share your feedback in the Stencils forum.