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How Virtimo Leveraged Ext JS Framework for UI Development

September 1, 2023 189 Views

Welcome to our blog, where we’re about to uncover a fascinating journey taken by Virtimo, a cool software company. They wanted to make their websites and apps look awesome and work smoothly. So, guess what they did? They teamed up with a friendly JavaScript framework called Ext JS. Now, a framework is like a toolkit for developers. It can ease our tasks in UI development process.

Ext JS is special because it’s good at making web stuff look and feel fantastic. It’s like having a box full of building blocks that can make buttons, charts, and all sorts of interactive things for websites. But why did Virtimo choose Ext JS for UI development? Before they found this magical toolkit, they had some problems & challenges. So, they decided to take some steps towards improvement.

In this blog, we will take you through Virtimo’s adventure. You’ll learn how they battled their website challenges and emerged victorious with Ext JS by their side. Let’s begin.

Virtimo collaboration with ext js javascript framework for web development

What Are Company Virtimo Background and Objectives?

Virtimo is a top-notch software maker and IT helper based in Berlin. They’ve been at this for more than ten years and now have a crew of over 100 experts. These folks are good at things like helping companies go digital. They make processes automatic, connect different systems, and develop special IT solutions. Even though they like working with energy-related stuff, Virtimo also lends a hand to other types of businesses.

You’ve got cars, tech, insurance, and shops in different parts of Europe benefiting from their expertise. What’s super cool is that Virtimo is known for fixing tricky business puzzles with clever ideas. So, when businesses want to switch to digital mode and run better, they know Virtimo is the friend to call.

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How Did Virtimo Carry Selection of Javascript Framework?

Virtimo examined various options, including React, Angular, Meteor, and Sencha Ext JS, for building their BPC (Business Process Center) app. They looked closely at each choice’s features, advantages, and disadvantages.

Virtimo took various things into account while picking the winner:

1. Speedy Development

They needed something that would help them make apps quickly.

2. User-friendly Design

Virtimo aimed for a tool that could craft a smooth and user-friendly look.

3. Easy Maintenance

They wanted a tool that wouldn’t give them a hard time regarding updates and upgrades.

4. Scalable

They considered how well the tool could handle more work as the company grew.

After careful thinking, Virtimo went for Sencha Ext JS as their go-to tool. Why? It’s simple. This tool gave them a full and simple-to-use package for making their app look and work well, even as things got bigger. It ticked off all their needs and let them make top-notch apps in less time.

best javascript frameworks working for interactive user interfaces through two way data binding

What Are the UI Development Challenges That Virtimo Faced?

Some of Virtimo’s clients have complicated and different needs. Therefore, Virtimo found it quite challenging to handle. Virtimo has to figure out how to make stuff work for them without wasting too much time or money, especially if they have to change how their BPC systems or processes work.

So, the big challenge for Virtimo was trying to make their clients happy while keeping things simple and quick and not spending too much money. It’s like trying to juggle lots of things at once!

What Are the Benefits of Using Ext JS on Virtimo and Results?

Thanks to Sencha Ext JS, Virtimo made their BPC app work better and be quicker to react. This tool let Virtimo build an app that could be changed a lot to fit what clients wanted, and it could also handle more stuff as things got bigger.

Virtimo stuck to one simple way of building the app, which made creating and looking after it much easier. This meant the app cost less in the end to have and keep up.

Ext JS javascript web frameworks or open source javascript framework with virtual dom to create progressive web apps

How Ext JS UI Enables Scalable, Modular Application?

Virtimo began creating the BPC app by testing a basic version first to ensure the technology they picked worked well. They chose Sencha Ext JS and then started building the app from scratch. They also used some parts they made in the test version.

Their main challenge was to build the app modular, like building blocks. This way, it’s simpler to change things later on. The good thing is that the flexible interface made it easy to create each part on its own and add more parts to the app without problems.

Impact of Sencha Ext JS on Virtimo:

  • Sencha Ext JS helped Virtimo’s BPC app perform better and react faster.
  • This toolkit lets Virtimo make an app that can be changed to fit what clients need. Moreover, it can also handle more work as clients ask for more.
  • Virtimo used a clear and same way of building things, which made it easier to create and take care of the app. This also made it cheaper to have and keep up the app.

Business Benefits of the BPC:

  • The BPC app helped Virtimo handle its finances better and make smarter choices.
  • This special software lets Virtimo play around with different situations and guesses. It helped them see what could go wrong or right.
  • Virtimo could work better with their clients using the app. Hence giving them the right information about money at the right time.

Advantages of a Low-Code Approach:

  • The low-code way helped Virtimo make apps faster and cheaper. They did this by using pieces already made and dragging and dropping things into place.
  • This way, regular business folks could be more involved in making the app. They could say what they wanted and how things should work.
  • The low-code method made the app better in general. It did this by having a common and piece-by-piece way of making things. This made it simpler to keep the app working well and made it better as time went on.

Object-Oriented Approach

Sencha Ext JS is made using a way of thinking called “object-oriented.” This helps developers make and use code without trouble. The framework gives some basic pieces that can be made into new pieces, and these new pieces can be used to build tricky UI stuff. This way helps make code that can be split into different parts and kept nice and neat. It’s also simple to change this code if things need to be different later on.

Designing a UI by knowing a difference between a javascript libraries & other js frameworks

Extensive Grid Component:

Sencha Ext JS has a really cool grid feature that helps you show big bunches of data in a neat table style. This grid part can help you sort data, put it in groups, and even pick what you want to see using filters. Plus, you can change how it looks and works so that it matches what your app needs.

Separation of Style/Theme From an Application:

With Sencha Ext JS, the way your app looks and the way it works are kept separate. This means it’s simple to give your whole app a similar style. The framework offers ready-made styles, and you can also make your own styles to match your app’s look. This method makes things better for users and also keeps your app easy to take care of as time goes on.


Sencha Ext JS is really good at growing with your needs, so it’s awesome for making big business web apps. It’s like a toolkit that can handle even the most complicated apps, and it gives developers lots of helpful tools to make code that can handle more and is simple to manage.

Ease of Use

A big advantage of Sencha Ext JS is how simple it is to work with. This framework comes with lots of ready-made parts and tools that can be changed and added to easily. This helps developers make complicated apps fast and without much trouble.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Sencha Ext JS is a cool framework that works on different devices and platforms. You can make apps for desktops, tablets, and phones, plus it works well on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

creating web apps & web components for mobile applications

What Are the Lessons Learned and Best Practices Through the Implementation of Ext JS Framework by Virtimo?

Virtimo’s journey with Ext JS taught them some important stuff.

They found out that using pre-made parts and working step by step made their app better and saved money.

Making the app look good on all kinds of devices was really important too. They also learned that talking well in the team and with clients helped everyone stay on the same page.

Keeping the app updated and neat with Ext JS’s plan made it work well.

In the end, Virtimo figured that when they use smart tools like Ext JS, work together, and think about what people need, they make apps that are really cool and useful.

What Are the Future Developments and Innovations for Ext JS?

The Ext JS Classic and Modern toolkits are like old friends that are here to stay. Furthermore, We will put in a lot of work to make them even better in the 7.x releases. And guess what? We’re not stopping there. We’re all set to bring you cool things in versions 7.7, 7.8, 7.9, and beyond.

Our plan is simple: keep making the toolkits you already know super cool. We’ll use the good stuff we’ve got to give you more choices and more cool stuff. Upgrades won’t be a hassle – we’ll make sure they’re smooth and easy.

You can trust the Classic and Modern toolkits for all your projects, whether they’re happening now or down the road. We’re making our famous Grid component even more fantastic with new features, faster performance, and top-notch quality.

We’re also putting a lot of effort into making all the parts in both toolkits easier to use, more accessible, and just plain better. Our support for tools like Sencha Architect and Themer will continue business as usual.

Looking ahead, our plan is to switch things up between making everything even better and adding fresh features. This keeps things exciting, maintains top-notch quality, and takes the toolkits to a whole new level.

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In the end, using Ext JS for their app was a super smart move for Virtimo. It changed the way their apps looked and worked in an awesome way. Ext JS helped them make apps that were easy to customize and could grow as needed. This made things simple and quick. Whether it’s on computers, tablets, or phones, the app looked great and worked smoothly.

Virtimo’s story shows how picking the right tech can make apps better and more exciting for everyone. Ext JS turned out to be their secret sauce for making cool and user-friendly apps that people love.


What were the measurable benefits of using the JavaScript framework for UI development?

Using the JavaScript framework to make things look good and work better brought some clear advantages. It helped things happen faster and made them look right on different devices. It also made the apps easier to change and look after.

What are the most popular JavaScript frameworks for UI development?

Some of the well-liked frameworks for making things look great and work well on websites are Ext JS by Sencha, React, Angular, and Vue.js. These tools help folks create awesome user interfaces without starting from scratch.

How does using a JavaScript framework benefit UI development?

A JavaScript framework helps make UI development easier and better. It gives tools and rules to build nice-looking and working apps quickly. It’s like a handy toolbox for making cool stuff on the web.

What is JavaScript framework used for?

A JavaScript framework is like a helper for making websites and apps. It gives you tools and rules to follow, making it quicker to build cool stuff that works well on the internet.

Why did Virtimo choose Ext JS for UI development?

Virtimo picked Ext JS because it helped them make apps look good and work well. They could change things easily and it didn’t cost too much. It was a great choice!

Ready to make your apps awesome with Ext JS? Start building user-friendly and powerful interfaces today!

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