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Video Series: Build an Ext JS Application from Scratch Using Modern Toolkit

August 24, 2018 116 Views

To help new Ext JS developers, I’ve created a series of short videos that walk through the process of building an application from scratch with the Modern Toolkit. In this series, we will build an application that will allow you to view and manage data from all FIFA World Cup matches, perform some analysis based on this data, display some visualizations, and theme our application. Each video covers specific Ext JS Frameworks or UI components, as well as basic concepts and adding new functionality to our application.

Here are the first six episodes:

Introduction to the series

In this video I will describe the content of the tutorial and the application that we will be building. This application will allow you to view and manage data about all matches played at FIFA World Cups.

Episode 1: Generating Application

In this episode we will generate a new Ext JS application using the latest version of Sencha Ext JS 6.6 with open tooling. As you will see in the video, you will need to download a free trial as part of this step. You can download Ext JS 6.6 with open tooling here.

Episode 2: Application Structure

In this episode we will discuss the basic structure of an Ext JS application, application build profiles, class system and MVVM pattern.

Episode 3: Basic Layout

In this episode we will discuss an Ext JS layouting system and define a basic layout for our application.

Episode 4: Data Package

In this episode we will discuss an Ext JS data package, Store, Model and Proxy classis and load data to our application.

Episode 5: Grid Component

In this episode we will discuss an Ext JS grid component, add a grid to our application and connect it to data.

Here is the source code for the application that we are building:

Stay tuned, more episodes are coming soon!

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