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Why Are UI Components Important For Web Based Development

July 14, 2022 372 Views

Organizations are looking for web applications that provide users with many unique functionalities. For anything they provide, the User Interface (UI) is the most important part of a web application. UI helps capture the users’ attention and keeps the user engaged with the application. UI components play a major role in making web application development faster and easier. This article discusses why UI components are important for web-based development.  

How can you develop UIs faster and easier in your web-based development?

Building a UI that meets all your design, functional, and performance requirements takes considerable time and effort. However, you need to consider the project timeline and available resources to deliver the project on time. UI components help developers build UIs faster because they are reusable across the application. Once you build a new component, you can use it wherever you want. Also, if you want to extend the functionalities, you can build on the existing components. All these things minimize code duplication and reduce the coding time and effort, eventually saving you money. Therefore, UI components are the best solutions if you want to build web applications faster.

Does consistency of UI designs matter in your web based development?

consistent UIs in web based development

Consistency is of utmost importance for a UI because it provides a professional look and feels and promotes usability. If the UI is not consistent across all applications or web pages, it might confuse the user. A consistent user experience helps customers understand your application’s functionalities and makes navigation across the UI much easier.

You can use the same UI component for all the related UI parts without doing significant code changes. Thus, UI components help bring that consistency to the UI. You can easily establish a standard set of components for some important parts, like the company logo, headers, and footers. Thus, UIs of all applications across the organization can be standardized. 

Do you want to do UI customizations for your web based development?

Not every UI component stays the same across the applications. You may require some modifications to the existing components. Customizations are important if you want to change the behaviors of application components, but do not want to impact and mess up the code of existing components. With UI components, it is easy to do customizations. For example, you can add different styling for the same component without changing its internal functionalities and minimal code. Also, if you want to extend the UI parts to provide more functionalities, you can do so with UI components. This flexibility is important when building larger applications because you can easily do it with less time and effort. 

Are efficiency and scalability the top-most priorities for your UI?

When implementing the UI, one of the most important things to consider is the efficiency of your application. For UIs, there are specific efficiency-related metrics UI developers usually need to be aware of, but generally, the component load time is an important factor to consider. Are your web components loading according to your defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? If the UI takes a significant time to load, it may impact the user experience. 

But, most UI components provided by component libraries are designed to achieve better performance. Also, scalability is another important consideration for your specific UI components. For example, suppose you want to provide a data grid that loads a large amount of data on the web page. If there are millions of data points, there can be delays in loading data. But UI components can scale well for millions of data points, preserving efficiency. 

Do you need to include accessibility support for your UI components?

Your applications can be accessed by many different users, including differently-abled users who cannot access them in the same way as others. Accessibility support is an important functionality to consider when building user interfaces to provide access to differently-abled users. If you are building the UI without UI components, you may have to provide them with additional support or additional coding effort. But most UI components already include accessibility support. Therefore, you do not need to worry or spend extra time incorporating them separately into your application, saving your valuable time and costs. 

Do you want to improve the productivity of your web based development?

When working on a web-based development project, productivity is critical to deploy your applications on time to the end-users. By using UI components, developers can eliminate unnecessary codes and testing. Instead, they can focus on the core functionalities using re-usable components. Enhances to the UI also do not require complex code changes. Most UI component libraries provide extra plugins to add extra functionalities so you do not have to develop them from scratch. 

Not only that, but with UI components, it is easy to debug the code if there is an issue. This will save the troubleshooting time. Therefore, UI components are important for increasing productivity and achieving delivery goals on time. 

Do you want to improve the product quality of your web based development?

The overall aim of building a UI is to provide a high-quality experience to the user. For that, the UI should be of high quality and without any errors. UI components enable developers to do unit tests easily. Testers can test the UI with ease because of its consistency. Also, the UI design will be easier for designers, and stakeholders can easily understand which components are used in the UI. Also, UI ready-made components help build prototypes in advance and validate the design before starting the project. Then stakeholders can go through them and come up with any design concerns and improvements they have. Developers can then start developing a better UI. Therefore, using UI components in your application helps achieve your product quality goals.

Do you want to start with Ext Js UI Components?

UI components are reusable UI elements that you can share across your application. Thus, UI components help develop UIs faster and easier. It’s one of the ways successful people create UI widgets.

Several UI component libraries provide different types of useful components to develop any functionalities you want. The ExtJS UI component library is one such example. It has a large list of pre-built UI components that you can use right away. You also get access to many other tools that simplify overall development.

This article discussed the importance of UI components for web-based applications, including performance, scalability, accessibility support, customizations, and many more. ExtJS offers useful components developers can build powerful UIs with almost no code and less development time. 

Build powerful UIs with ExtJS UI Components!