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Sencha GXT Application Framework for GWT

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Sencha GXT

The only enterprise class UI framework for building amazing HTML5 web apps using Java

Sencha GXT high performance UI widgets coupled with GXT's full interoperability with Google Web Toolkit components accelerate your web apps development process to increase your productivity.

A new theme, Neptune (1) Allows use of CSS3 (2) Over 350 configuration properties (3)

Cells Enhancements Cell Enhancements

Cell-based fields improve the performance of data widgets.

Charting Plug-in Free Charting

High performance, plug-in free charts, graphs, and visualizations.

Compile Time Templates Compile Time Templates

Ensures templates are typesafe and optimized by the GWT complier.

Custom Theming Theme Builder

Create completely new themes using a simple Config system

Desktop Example Desktop Example

Build examples to showcase GXT 3 components.

GWT and Cells Widgets GWT and Cells Widgets

Full interoperability with GWT Widgets to take advantage of any existing wdiget.

GWT Events and Handlers GWT Events and Handlers

Use standard GWT Events and Handlers. Increase productivity without learning a new system.

Improved Model Support Improved Model Support

Now works with any Java Bean with getter and setter accessors. Also supports RequestFactory.

Interface Based Design Interface Based Design

Easy to incoporate MVP and streamline testing.

Sandboxing Sandboxing

Run multiple versions of Sencha GXT side-by-side.

State API State API

Full support of HTML5 local storage.

Strongly Typed Layout Engine Strongly Typed Layout Engine

Give you maximum control of the app and easily debug the app.

Tri State Tree Tri State Tree

Advanced tree view control for flexible UI design and tree selection management.

UiBinder Support Full UIBinder Support

Leverage existing HTML and CSS skills effortlessly for high performance UI and programmatic behavior separation

Custom Theming Custom Theming

Easily modify the theme of your app using custom markup.