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Sencha GXT Application Framework for GWT

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Sencha GXT

The only enterprise class UI framework for building amazing HTML5 web apps using Java

Sencha GXT high performance UI widgets coupled with GXT's full interoperability with Google Web Toolkit components accelerate your web apps development process to increase your productivity.

A new theme, Neptune (1) Allows use of CSS3 (2) Over 350 configuration properties (3)

Sencha GXT literally made it possible to build our app, ClearFactr. We were able to take our years of large-scale app dev experience and transition to a high-performance, highly scalable, Web-centric platform in a very short time.


With the huge number of widgets and features, and with great support, it turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made.

cara3 from Generis

The core advantage of using Sencha GXT was development time savings — we knew we had a library of trusted components.


Sencha GXT provides a ready-made rich client-side architecture that is well outside the reach of typical Ajax toolkits.

Spiral Universe

We use Sencha GXT widgets to give our apps a professional look and feel. That means our developers concentrate on the functionality of our business management apps, saving hundreds of hours in design work.

Ardison Software & Consulting

With GXT 3, we save development and testing time by using the many basic and complex widgets that have cross-browser support.


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