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Sencha Cmd A Productivity Tool for Building Sencha Apps


Sencha Cmd

Productivity Tool for Sencha App Development

With an ever expanding list of command line options that you've asked for, from code generation to native packaging, Sencha Cmd provides everything you need to automate many tasks around Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch app development life-cycles.

What is Sencha Cmd?

Sencha Cmd is the cornerstone to build your Sencha applications. From scaffolding a new project, to minifying and deploying your application to production, Sencha Cmd provides a full set of lifecycle management features to compliment your Sencha projects. With a rich command line syntax and Ant integration, Cmd is perfect to integrate into your enterprise build environment or use standalone for your application.

What’s New?

Sencha Cmd 5.1.0 is the latest version of our Sencha frameworks productivity tool.

This version is meant to assist developers in migrating from Ext JS 4.1.1a+ to Ext JS 5.0.x. This version also includes enhancements to the microloader to support all browsers supported by Ext JS.


Code Generation Code Generation

Generate entire applications and extend applications with MVC or MVVM components.

JS Compiler JS Compiler

Optimize high-level semantics included in Sencha frameworks to reduce load time of your applications.

Native Packaging Native Packaging

Convert Sencha Touch applications into first-class, mobile applications with access to device functionality, and distribute your apps via App Stores.

Package Management Package Management

Easily integrate packages (such as Ext JS Themes) created by others or from the Sencha Package Repository.

Build Scripts Build Scripts

Generate build scripts for applications or packages with “before” and “after” extension points, and customize the build process to fit your needs.

Cells Enhancements Application Tuning

Tune your applications to optimize what is included in your production build, including common code across pages.

Image Spriting Image Spriting

Convert CSS3 features (such as border-radius and linear-gradients) into sprites for legacy browser compatibility.

Logging and Troubleshooting Logging & Troubleshooting

Robust logging to help you understand the inner workings of commands and facilitate troubleshooting.