Announcing Public Beta of Ext JS 5

We are extremely excited to announce that the beta version of Sencha Ext JS 5 is available for public access and evaluation. This beta release enables you, our Sencha community, to test and evaluate our Ext JS 5 work in progress. For all the Ext JS developers out there, this a great opportunity to help make this the best Ext JS release ever.

And since this is a beta, we advise against putting it into production just yet.

Goals for Ext JS 5

We’re proud that Ext JS has become the industry standard for data-driven single-page applications. Engineered to grow with teams and projects, Ext JS powers applications that have successfully scaled to hundreds of screens and hundreds of thousands of lines of code. For intelligible, maintainable web applications, with clear separation of structure, behavior and visuals, we believe that the architected, component-centric approach of Ext JS is simply unbeatable.

When we sat down to design Ext JS 5, we wanted to take everything that made Ext JS great and make it even better. We had three themes for our development process. Our first theme was to Make Multi-Device Development Real. Ext JS 5 is our first release that allows the same code to power both desktop and touch device experiences, with a gesture system inspired by Sencha Touch. There are two fresh multi-device themes, so our rich set of UI components look and feel at home on both touch and desktop screens.

Our second theme was Evolution not Revolution. Perhaps the most important thing that hasn’t changed in Ext JS 5 is that we continue to make Internet Explorer 8 a first-class browser. We made this decision because a solid majority of you told us that IE8 support will continue to be a requirement for your applications through 2015 and beyond. We’ve also made smooth upgrades from Ext JS 4 a priority. As we’ve added and upgraded functionality, we’ve minimized breaking changes in our public APIs.

Our third and final theme was Developer Productivity. As we designed the new two-way data binding architecture, our goal was to vastly reduce the amount of code developers had to write to implement common UIs. In many cases, tasks that used to require several listeners can now be reduced to a few binding directives — which can be seen in some of our Kitchen Sink examples. Through the use of declarative listeners, views can now often be completely code-free, allowing developers to not only cut code size but maintain better separation of concerns at the same time.

As you can tell, we’re proud to release this beta to the community and hope that when compatibility, productivity and user experience matter most, Ext JS will continue to be your proven way to deliver the best engineered applications to your end users, customers and clients.

Announcing Public Beta of Ext JS 5

Now, on to the new features! Ext JS 5 has a myriad of new features and improvements. Here are some of the best:

  • Two-way data binding is a new mechanism that allows changes made in the view to be automatically written back to the model (and vice versa) without the need for custom event handlers.
  • Grid gadgets are new lightweight components useful for embedding within grid cells. Widgets and buffered updates make Ext JS grids even better, enabling richer data visualization and real-time data updates.
  • Touch-optimized charts is a new charting package that comes with features like 3D charts, financial charts, and multi-axis. It also has faster performance, cleaner code and a great experience on touch-screen devices. (The existing chart package is available as a separate package, so you can still use it.)
  • Routing allows application deep linking by translating your application’s URL into controller actions and methods.

There are numerous other enhancements and improvements related to MVC and performance in general. Read What’s New in Ext JS 5 for an exhaustive view of every new feature.

Another goal of Ext JS 5 is to converge much of the framework core between Ext JS and Sencha Touch. In Ext JS 5, we methodically converged code for the class system, data package, and feature/environment detection into a common core, so it can be shared across Ext JS and Sencha Touch. These shared components enable the creation of applications that share resources regardless of the framework.

Ext JS 5 supports IE8+ and the latest tablet platforms such as iOS6/7, Chrome on Android 4.1+, and Win 8 touch-screen devices (such as Surface and touch-screen laptops) running IE10+.

Beta Availability

Ext JS 5 beta is available for download immediately along with a beta version 5 of Sencha Cmd which is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux/64, and Linux/32. Check out our examples on a tablet.

We’re working hard to release Ext JS 5 in finished form as soon as possible, and we need your help and feedback to make that happen. Try out our new kitchen sink examples, migrate one of your smaller apps and report bugs, issues, or errors on the Ext JS 5 Public Beta forum. We look forward to your feedback.

Written by

Gautam Agrawal leads product management at Sencha. He is responsible for guiding new product strategies and roadmap initiatives across the Sencha product portfolio. Additionally, Gautam works with strategic partners to establish and develop new market opportunities. Prior to joining Sencha, he held various product and engineering positions at organizations developing SaaS and Business Intelligence applications. Gautam holds a PhD and MS from State University of NY (SUNY) at Buffalo.


  1. Israel Roldan says

    ViewModels and ViewControllers will enable you to develop even more awesome apps… this is a HUGE improvement! Developing performant, enterprise-level, multi-device apps has never been easier!

  2. Konstantin Mirin says

    Two-way data binding, routing, responsiveness, ext4 compatibility… If all that comes true, that would be just fucking awesome framework :-) I love Sencha, but if this is as good as promoted, I’ll be super-happy :-)

  3. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Konstantin Give it a try and let us know! This is only beta so expect some bumps but let us know about them so we can smooth them down.

  4. Rafael Franco says

    Congratulations! ViewModel and ViewController is how the MVC should have been, so I’m really happy you guys implemented it with a true MVC clear separation.

    Also love the Two-way binding, it’s great and spares so many listeners being created for the purpose

    Did I miss something, or is there any Dependency Injection mechanism?

  5. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Rafael Like with Ext JS 4, you use Sencha Cmd to build your application into a single JS file.

  6. Mario A. Alvarez Garcia says

    @Mitchell Simoens But in ST you can donwload the docs. The problem is that I can’t be connected all the time so the online docs are an issue for me.

  7. ExtDeveloper says

    “And since this is a beta, we advise against putting it into production just yet.”

    If it is like Ext 4 I would advise against putting 5.0.x in production as well unless you want terrible performance, half baked features and loads of bugs. Expect features that look nice on the sample but lack key features needed in development e.g saving associations. Expect the layout engine to be rewritten and 10 times more complex in a minor revision. Also expect that any non trivial application will be broken on patch level versions.

  8. Mitchell Simoens says

    @ExtDeveloper Looks like you haven’t given Ext JS 5 a whirl yet. Ext JS 4 was a rewrite from Ext JS 3 and there were issues with that and at times tough decisions had to be made to change parts of the framework. Ext JS 5 isn’t a complete rewrite, in fact it’s taking Ext JS 4 and building from that. If there are holes in new features that you would like filled, during beta is the time to post them in the bugs forum so that we can get the feedback. This is what beta releases are partly for.

  9. JW says

    Where does this leave Sencha Touch? It sounds like you’re merging that product into ExtJS. Does that mean Touch is dead? What does the upgrade path look like? It seems like that will be a pretty big transition.

  10. Israel Roldan says

    @JW: Sencha Touch is very much alive. These multi-device improvements for Ext are focused on adding touch and gesture capabilities to Ext components, a feature that has been requested a lot in the past. As for the upgrade path, there are certainly some things to consider, i.e.: several improvements to the package and the Element and Component classes. Remember that thanks to the development-mode compatibility layer, you will receive errors if you call a method that has been removed in Ext JS 5. Check for more information.

  11. ExtDeveloper says

    @Mitchell Simoens thanks for the honest response. I have not checked out 5 yet, I hope it is great but I am hesitant about it. I am not sure who made the decision of releasing 4 before it was ready but guys like you and I have had to deal with the shortcomings of that decision for the last 3 years. It looks like the move to 5 won’t be as big of a rewrite as 3 to 4 but IE8 and mobile support is a huge undertaking in itself. I may have missed this but is there a way to not have IE8 support (isIE checks, tables vs divs, no ES5) inside of the core product and make it as an add on instead ?

  12. Mitchell Simoens says

    @ExtDeveloper understandable about being hesitant, I’ve been using it for a little while now and in many spots it’s faster than Ext 4 is. I’m sure there are some bumps to be ironed out but I very much have faith in Ext 5 and the framework it is and that’s not just marketing talk. :)

    I’m currently upgrading Sencha Fiddle to use it and the upgrade has been very seamless, took me less than 30 minutes to do the upgrade, just some small API differences that Ext actually had console.logs to tell me about.

    About having legacy IE being an addon. I can see some wanting this but it also creates overhead for those who want it which was a big majority when we surveyed about what browsers are important. We’ve changed the DOM structure in many places to optimize for particular browsers and using tables for fields is gone now.

    We want to hear every little bit of feedback, every little bug, every little improvement we can make. The forums are the best place for these discussions.

  13. Don Griffin says

    Thanks everyone for so quickly jumping in – being involved with the beta is the best way to help us make sure Ext JS 5.0.0 is the best possible release it can be. We want to hear about your experiences and suggestions so thanks in advance for trying out all the new stuff and getting us that feedback – see you in the forums! :)

  14. Albert says

    Looks great and new features are awesome.

    I understand that this is the first beta and things will only get better – but my only gripe right now is the new theme. It looks great, clean and modern. BUT bloody huge for the desktop. Massive paddings, margins and font sizes. Perhaps you can downsize the desktop version of this theme?

  15. Gautam Agrawal says

    @albert – Thanks for your comments. We are aware that Crisp and Neptune Touch can look huge on large screens and we are looking into downsizing based on screen sizes. Our initial target was to support touch gestures, for which we needed to increase the sizes.

  16. Mario A. Alvarez Garcia says

    Ohh man, this is really awesome. The data binding looks reaaally impresive. Also the new MVVC structure looks way more intuitive. The Crisp theme is simple and nice.
    Excelent work guys. I’m looking further for the GA release.

  17. marcprior says

    Excellent, congrats guys for all the hard work all these years ! Cant wait to deploy Ext5 in production!
    Cheers !

  18. Ext4 Dev says

    @Mitchell Simoens: Could you clarify some of the claims about browser compatibility in ExtJS 5? The blog post mentions that IE8 compatibility was targeted and achieved, and it says IE8+ will be supported, but there is no mention of IE6 or IE7. Does this mean that IE8 will be the new minimum supported?

    If so, why does ExtJS 5 continue to use a JavaScript layout system? IE8 supports all of the CSS properties necessary to accomplish the layouts necessary for a standard application, so this seems like a ripe opportunity to eliminate a lot of performance limitations and complexity in ExtJS.

    My organization is looking to move away from our ExtJS 4 application because of the restrictions imposed by the Javascript layout system. A move to ExtJS 5 would be very attractive if the layout system were optional or removed. Otherwise, modern alternatives such as Angular are simply far too compelling, no matter how much effort is involved in the transition.

  19. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Ext4 Dev, Yes, IE6 and IE7 are now not supported in Ext JS 5 but IE8+ is.

    The layout system is very much a core concept in Ext JS and really isn’t a need to disable it. I’m not going to get into much but comparing AngularJS to Ext JS is really an apples and carrot comparison. There are lots of things AngularJS cannot do that Ext JS can and there are uses where Ext JS is overkill where something like AngularJS is a better fit for the project.

  20. Don Griffin says

    @Ext4Dev –

    Ext JS 5 does not support IE6 or 7 and requires standards mode on IE8+. As for the layout system, the minimum IE level that can support all that we need is IE10 (using flexbox). If you have some specific suggestions on places we could better leverage IE8+ features and/or what you find limiting in the layout system today we’d be delighted to discuss them in the forum.

    One area we have taken advantage of IE8 capabilities is form fields and the auto and form layouts (more on that to come).

    FYI – Angular dropped support for IE8 as of 1.3

  21. Rob Boerman says

    At first I was very skeptical when I saw the beta release of ExtJS 5. Like many others, first beta testing Ext 4 (with a weekly changing API) and then moving from 3 to 4 cost us major pain. In the end I am pleased with ExtJS 4.

    But when looking at the new stuff in ExtJS 5, I can only get really excited! The MVVM structure is very welcome as well as many of the other functional additions. What is really a godsend is the work on the data package, moving it (finally) into core and removing the difference with Touch is great, the chained stores look awesome, and the associations and data session are just plain SICK! I can’t wait to take those for a spin! Tracking and updating records with their associations is a tough nut to crack in every application. Are the associations in ExtJS5 also more “intelligent” such that they don’t need to be loaded in 1 big nested JSON response? It would be great to have a way to configure the associations so that they know how to fetch associated records on the fly from an atomic REST API.

    I am a bit wary about the performance on touch devices though. In my eyes, the biggest pitfall for Sencha Touch (and ExtJS) is the sheer size and depth of the generated DOM. Has any work been done on finally reducing the DOM depth instead of increasing it every new release? Without reducing the DOM complexity I foresee a tough future performance wise.

    Again great work, seeing that most of the changes are related to enabling developers to write and maintain complex applications, instead of just adding more functionality, shows you are listening to the developer community.

  22. Tim Sporcic says

    Nicely done guys. But what happened to the MXML style for defining interfaces that was demonstrated at SenchaCon last year?

  23. Arda Beyazo?lu says

    Now, I’ve seen almost everything, what i was looking for in recent years. This version will highly reduce the workload of extjs developers. So your work is much appreciated…

  24. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Rob Boerman, performance on tablets has been a top priority and we think performance is very good with this release. Of course, performance is a never ending fight. I do also want to say that performance needs to be thought of by the developer also, don’t try to render a grid with 10,000 rows, use buffered renderer.

    Associations have been able to lazy load the data.

  25. Aaron Conran says

    @Rob – Sencha Architect 3.1 will support Ext JS 5. We’re aiming to synchronize the Architect 3.1 release with the GA of Ext JS 5.0.

  26. Ext4 Dev says

    @Mitchell Simoens @Don Griffin: Thank you for the detailed responses, and for being clear about the role of the layout system. It’s not the news I wanted to hear, but it will help my organization make a decision nonetheless.

  27. Serhan Apaydin says

    “And since this is a beta, we advise against putting it into production just yet.”

    Is this a joke? Even ExtJS 4 has NEVER passed the beta state, imho. I have given 3 years of my life to it and instead of coding for the project I’m working on, I was constantly reporting and fixing ExtJS bugs as if it was an open-sourced product, and I regret every single day of those years.

    I will not make that mistake again.

  28. Michael Mullany says

    @Tim We’re hoping to ship a package at some point in the future that incorporates the declarative style markup, but it’s not in the plan for Ext JS 5.0 – it’s still all JSON all the way. I know you were a fan of what we presented, but it didn’t make this version. (And I think we did go out of our way to highlight that the declarative stuff was in very early stage – there are many things to resolve before ship.)

  29. Brian Kotek says

    @Serhan: Bye, then. Have fun with whichever magical “perfect-on-day-one-and-never-has-any-bugs” library you switch over to.

  30. Nomar says

    Hi – one thing i noted in the last SenchaCon was regarding support for “Modules”.

    Was this something intentionally dropped off Ext 5?


  31. Tim Sporcic says

    @Michael Thanks for the update. There will be tears in my beer. ExtJS with declarative style interfaces was on the verge of epic. Hopefully you all get it pushed out this year.

  32. Marc Fearby says

    I’m hoping for some goodies around store.sync() so that if a record fails to save/update at the server end, I can handle that eventuality.

  33. Don Griffin says

    @Nomar –

    The modules demo’d at SenchaCon were part of the XML views prototype. The use of Cmd packages is similar but on a larger scale: namespaces, Sass and resources.

    The new structure for views, view controllers and/or view models is very reminiscent of modules in that the three are kept together as a unit in the same namespace.

  34. Don Griffin says

    @Marc Feaerby –

    On store.sync if you are having issues with the “failure” callback let’s discuss in the forum.

  35. Don Griffin says

    @Isaac Johnston –

    Thanks! And thanks to you and the Deft JS team’s help and feedback from the private beta – much appreciated!

  36. Ivan Jouikov says

    @ExtDeveloper some years ago I built a huge portal for a state government in ExtJS 4.0. I repeat 4.0. After some optimizing, we got it to acceptable performance on slow laptops in IE7. In Chrome it was blazing fast. Please don’t confuse your proficiency with framework quality/capability/performance.

  37. Ricardo says

    Congratulations to the team! Sencha always surprising us! I wanted to know when will be available the PivotGrid widget, any predictions? I installed and configured the framework, (Requires Ruby runtime installed), but found nothing about PivotGrid.

    Best regards.

  38. Don Griffin says

    @Rob Boerman –

    Thanks for the kind words! Similar to associations in v4, the new data session can load association stores on demand. The key difference is that the session will keep track of all that so you only need to consult the session to get all of the updates.

  39. koutsenko says

    Will you add a filtering support to TreeStore?
    I saw you added a store chaining, so tree filtering can be done through swapping rootNodes between two stores, but it’s still workaround.

  40. Chris Means says

    Looks like there are some nice incremental improvements with ExtJS 5, the Neptune Touch theme especially looks like it will help a lot with mobile/touch devices.

    I’ve yet to find any Responsiveness support however. Is there any, or any near term plans?

  41. Yakulu says

    Hi guys,

    Thanks for this very good release, espacially for MVVM and two-way bindings, but also touch support, tag field, heterogeneous stores support…

    I have one question : will ExtJS5 remain open source with FOSS exception, as previous releases ?

  42. Rob Boerman says

    Hi Don,

    That sounds great, and will make 2-way synchronization of data much easier. In ExtJS 5 download I cannot find anything about the data sessions though. Can you point me where to look for the source code and examples so I can check it out?


  43. Domagoj says

    This is great, I like Crisp theme.
    Especially happy about two way binding, (must compare with gluJS).

    What I would like to have, no, what I relay need for porting WinForms application to ExtJs is Grid with options to switch grouping on in runtime , and to be able to group by more then one column.

    Is feature like this maybe planed ??

    Also when I made some small apps I see that grouped grid returns wrong record on selecrt event if remote sort is on.

  44. Rafael Franco says

    Thanks @Don for integrating DeftJS features directly in ExtJS. Some time ago I had ExtJS 4 training and I asked the people from Sencha why wasn’t there a clear distinction between view and controllers, the fact that controllers were aware of view layout never made sense to me.

    I’m happy this is fixed with ViewControllers

  45. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Yakulu Licensing will remain the same as with Ext JS 4.x

    @Domagoj Can you open a thread in the bugs forum so we can push it into Jira and track it like that for both the group column feature request and the select bug?

  46. ExtDeveloper says

    @Ivan Jouikov Ext 4.0 performance was bad I thought even the sencha team acknowledged this. The layout system didn’t even batch dom updates and calculations. 4.1 completely rewrote the layout engine and the performance got much better. But to say you can somehow gauge my knowledge on Ext because I saw performance issues in 4.0 is laughable. On the same line of terrible assumptions I could say you are a bad developer because you work for the government. All meanness aside I would love to see what your state portal looks like. Do you have a link to it?

  47. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Shreeraj Pillai, Hope you like it! Ever since I’ve worked on routing and presented at SenchaCon about it I’ve been anxious to get it in the hands of everyone!

  48. Austin Kim says

    It is fact that our project got delayed because of change of Ext JS 3 to 4. At this I can’t afford to delay any more with 5. However, I can see this would be our next step to move forward upgrading since it is based on 4.

    So, I’m guessing this would release at near SenchaCon14.

    I still miss Sencha Desktop and would be perfect match with Ext JS 5 with touch feature.

  49. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Austin Kim, No word on official release dates but SenchaCon is in November, I don’t think you will have to wait nearly that long :)

    @Eugene, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Hoping to hear your thoughts on the forum!

  50. Peter Rietveld says

    Looks awesome! De samples are great. I hope Sencha can make it work for tablets as well as for desktops, from one theme.

    Where can I find the changes for Cmd 5?
    What about custom html markup ?

  51. Nomar says

    @Don Griffin I may have got this one wrong.

    By peel off, I thought a capability for any component to get detached (not just dragged) into a separate window/browser?

  52. Don Griffin says

    @Nomar –

    Thanks for the clarification – sorry but there are no plans to implement that at present.

  53. Animal says

    Its great to see progress. I can only hope that you will not ditch the 4.x branch and fix some of the long outstanding bugs at least.

  54. foxsql says

    For EXTJS5
    Proposed to add three states checkbox. The presence of the lower box, check box is not full when the subordinate election, the higher the check box will appear the third state: select only half, generally middle gray block represents. This is a tree with a checkbox is common (refer to Microsoft’s tree). The table header for the box titled box containers are two unusual usage, but three state checkboxes will appear. Recommended practice is that for cheaked set maximum, when cheacked more than equal to the maximum on the show full selection state, less than zero on the show do not select the state greater than zero is less than half the maximum value on the show selected state.

    This proposal proceeds through Google Translate, biased content, please forgive me.

  55. Mattias Sandström says

    +1 for downloadable docs!!! Sorry guys, but this is a MUST HAVE!
    The online docs are a pain to use while on a 3G connection, for example when you are a customer site and don’t get Internet access. Please make a downloadable zip.

  56. Westy says

    Hehe, finally!
    This happens to be the week I’m taking on the upgrade from 4.1 to 4.2 though, so a little late for me this time.

    Perhaps once I’ve done that I’ll try upgrading that to 5; seems like should be smoother given what has been said.

    The biggest change I’m fighting with at the moment is the Sencha Cmd structure change. I’m hoping that hasn’t changed again since be a shame to have to solve it again…


  57. Chetan says

    Example looks pretty good . Currently upgrading to 4.2.2 , Extjs 5 looks cool . Will give it a try . Looking forward for the stable release

  58. ellesse says

    ExtJS 5 seems promising as incorporates many of the features that with the current version of the framework require many hacks (especially for what concern charts).
    I would like to now at which extent the ExtJS 5 will support responsive design of the layout.

  59. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Animal, Actually we still have plans for 4.x and will still be supporting it for quite some time. In face, Ext 3 is still supported (1 year after 5.0 goes GA).

    @Ilhan & @Mattias Sandström, we are actually doing a lot of work with documentation and hope to have something ready by GA. For beta, we didn’t want to take focus off this work to get our build servers to handle this at this time. Regardless of our work on documentation, even if we have to stick with the old documentation app, 5.0 GA will be downloadable.

  60. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Westy, great to see you on here and the forums (thanks for all your continued help on the forum also)! I started to rewrite Fiddle but at the time Ext JS 5 wasn’t stable enough (was a couple months ago) so I started with 4.2.2 and when I got a build of Ext JS 5 that was stable enough I went ahead and attempted the upgrade even though I was already pretty good into the 4.2.2 app. It only took me about 30 minutes to upgrade! Ran into a couple API changes but for the most part it was very painless which was very encouraging, of course your milage may vary depending on what you’re doing. The Sencha Cmd structure is the same, some properties moved from the sencha.cfg file to the app.json but I didn’t have to do any changes for the file system part of what Cmd wants.

  61. Mattias Sandström says

    @Mitchell: I understand that there are tons of issues trying to document a moving target. But, as Sencha Touch 2.3 is missing offline docs I hope we will see downloadable versions for all frameworks and tools…
    I don’t mind the old documentation app – it gets the job done. Please remember that the docs are one of the key points of using your frameworks – it really shines!

  62. Mahmoud says

    You say about Tablet Support in ExtJs 5.0 but no explicit examples are provided. I think It would be good if you provide some examples in which we can test tablet support and compare it with one in ExtJs 4.2 where tablet is not supported.

  63. Westy says

    @Mitchell Simoens, excellent, glad to hear the structure is the same :)

    Having a few issues with the upgrade, but finally got the app refresh working last night, so that gives me confidence that my plan for the workspace and packages is a step in the right direction… progress is being made!

    And I still try to help out on the forums when I see a post I can answer, although am less active than I once was perhaps. I know how frustrating it can be for a developer to hit a problem they need help with, so the sooner they get some help the better.
    When I start looking at Ext 5 rest assured I’ll be posting like mad again if needed :)


  64. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Mahmoud, Ext JS 5 has the touch support so any example should work on a tablet. Don’t need a specific example.

  65. Fred says


    We are very interested to know when the “copy and paste” feature will be implemented natively in Grid? Not only from / to the same grid but also like from / to Excel. This can be done using plugins currently that are not working well or available among competitors’ solutions.

    Thanks a lot.

  66. karlsnyder0 says

    A quote from our Product Manager “I saw that – I want it”.

    This is exciting news! I hope ExtJS 5 still uses the TableTpl, RowTpl and CellTpl functionality in Grids because it works quite well. I can’t wait to peel away the wrapper and eat the candy. :)

  67. Tad says

    Great to hear about data binding! For the prototyping I do, the one thing I’d really missed from Flex was [Bindable].

  68. Chad Glendenin says

    What does this mean for the future of Sencha Touch? When will Sencha Touch developers have access to these major improvements to the underlying framework, such as View Models, View Controllers, and two-way data binding?

  69. Michael Mullany says

    @Ricardo Ext JS 5.0 will not be supported on phone devices – it is targeted at tablet form factors. If you want a phone app, we still recommend using Sencha Touch.

  70. Michael Mullany says

    @mahmoud – just open any of the examples in an iPad and then compare to the ext js 4 examples (or perhaps I’m not getting what you mean)

    @Chad – those improvements will migrate to touch over time, but there is no committed schedule for that yet.

  71. olivier says

    Well, sorry to say, but here we still feel the pain of the extjs3->4 migration and then from 4beta to 4.1 where APIs were changing all the time. This migration nearly blow us away and our company with us, so I just enforce the policy internally where nobody have the right to even mention extjs5 until it reaches 5.1, which is, if I believe what happened with extjs4 where and when it will start to be reasonnably bug free and API stable. Not mentionning performance, which decreased notably between 3 and 4… sorry guys, but you messed it so much last time that we don’t trust you any more.

  72. Anant Choubey says

    Hi Team,
    This is a great release i am very curious to try all the new features.

    SMALL BUG in this release. Following the steps given in “”, CSS changes are not at all reflecting. I tried everything to make it work, but its not working.

    Any help.
    Thanks in advance.

  73. Swami Nathan says

    Good work Sencha. You guys never stopped amazing the industry. Always comes out with a new release which not only solves the existing problems but also lead to new feature. For example the ViewControllers,Routing(Must have on Big Projects) and ViewModels(The coolest addition).
    Once again Thanks from the Sencha Community

  74. abhijit says

    I’ve been playing around with this and it looks and feels really slick.

    I have one question –
    In 4.2, buffering stopped working with a reconfigured gird.

    Has this been resolved in ExtJs 5?

  75. Les says

    abhijit, I don’t see this problem in 4.2.2. Please create a bug report in the 4.* bugs forum including a small code example if you think there’s a problem

  76. Nicolai Petri says

    I tested ExtJS 5 and I really like it. It still has some bugs as expected, but what I really really hope will get fixed is the lack of simple use of stores in an MVC structured project.

    There are lots of people asking for the correct way of doing it, but answers it’s always very hackish and I have never seen Sencha provide a working example following MVC.

    Please please please !

  77. Nicolai Petri says

    Hi Mitchell,

    Thanks for the really great answer – this seems like an acceptable solution and much better than I’ve seen done in ExtJS 4.x.
    But it’s still an “I like to …” statement. Maybe Sencha internally could agree on which method is the easiest / nicest and then include it in documentation and/of examples so ExtJS based projects have a chance of using the same syntax.

    Thanks a lot.

  78. Mitchell Simoens says

    @Nicolai Petri, If you look at the source for the Ticket App, it uses binding to bind stores. The Ticket App was created to show MVVM best practice.

  79. Alex says

    Is it possible for Architect to bring flexible capabilities so that developers could better target their goals ? For example, we could specify through Architect what are the browsers we want to be supported and the browsers releases we want to be supported as well. Side benefits (but big) are : potential lighter code base and better performance.

  80. Alex says

    Will speed improvement be made into architect 3.1 ? This is a cool software but heavy at this time

  81. Jeff Bonhag says

    Ultimately, I want to use Ext JS 5 with Architect, but I also want to start working on an app today. Will either of these paths be possible:

    a. Create an Ext JS 4.2.x app in Architect 3.0, upgrade to Ext JS 5 once Architect 3.1 comes out
    b. Create an Ext JS 5 app in Sencha Cmd, import into Architect once Architect 3.1 comes out


  82. Sebastien says

    With Ext JS 5 almost here, I was wondering if there would be an Architect 3.1 comming to support it ?

  83. Sebastien says

    Another Thing:

    I have to concur with Alex, for the moment you are supporting so many browsers wich is causing much lag and support issues.
    It would be better to allow a developer to choose old browsers or not IE 8 or less should not be supported because a very minor group of people are still using a browser that is not supported anymore since 2012…and from April 2014 the OS of this IE8 (WIndows XP is also not supported anymore!)
    So it makes nu sense to force everybody to have this support, those browsers are unsecure anyway….and this support is now impacting everybody that has done a good thing by upgrading there os and browsers. They still can use the old frameworks when they need too.

  84. Mitchell Simoens says

    Architect will get updated to support Ext 5 but will happen shortly after Ext 5 GA is released.

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