Heartbleed Notification & Update


Recently the Heartbleed Bug, known more officially as CVE-2014-0160, was discovered and found to exploit vulnerabilities in 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 of OpenSSL. We wanted to update the community on the vulnerability (or, happily, mostly lack thereof) of various Sencha web services due to Heartbleed. After reviewing our web services and products, we’ve determined that they have not been vulnerable to Heartbleed, with one specific exception that only affects users of Sencha Space on a device running Android 4.1.1.

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Are You Ready for Ext JS 5?


We recently released Ext JS 5 beta, and it has lots of new features. To help you prepare your application to take advantage of everything Ext JS 5 has to offer, we’ve created an upgrade checklist. Take a look, download the beta and share your feedback in the forum.

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Introducing Sencha.com/videos


Over the years we’ve been producing videos on building better HTML5 apps, JavaScript tips, and thought-provoking conversations from around the world. Most of these videos have been available on our Vimeo channel, but now we’ve created a channel on our own site to make them easier to find.

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Half a Million Forum Members!


Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve reached a fantasic milestone: 500,000 registered forum members! Congratulations to Tim Guthrie for becoming the 500,000th member of the community. In the last five years, the Sencha community has grown by 10x. We can’t thank you enough for all the participation, assistance and feedback that’s helped us to create and improve our projects and products.

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Faster, Better Search for Sencha Forums


This year we wanted to make big improvements in the Sencha Forums. We started by adding post voting, JIRA integration and trends. Next up, we set out to make search better. Here’s what we’ve done to make search more useful for the community.

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SourceDevCon Returns, Join Us in London May 2-5


Get your tickets now for the 2012 SourceDevCon developer’s conference May 2-5 in London, UK. The beautiful Park Plaza Hotel, overlooking Big Ben and the London Eye, will host a four-day program of intermediate to advanced level sessions to web application developers, presented by the true authorities in the industry. Sencha is the platinum sponsor, and Sencha’s CEO Michael Mullany will present the keynote.

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Sencha Learn Roundup


We’re constantly updating Sencha Learn with new content for many of our products. Read on to find out what you might’ve missed.

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Introducing Siesta: A Testing Tool for Ext JS


Siesta is a new unit testing framework for Ext JS and other JavaScript code. Testing Ext JS, or any JavaScript-centric web framework, can be difficult because the available tools are not really suited for the task. Most popular web UI testing tools don’t offer enough help unless your application uses simple static HTML pages. This is where Siesta is different from the rest, because its top priority is Ext JS testing.

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