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Create Web Apps with the Capabilities of Native Apps

Modern web browsers provide new capabilities, so developers can create native-like web apps. Chrome and Firefox already allow web apps to launch from the home screen, run offline, access internal hardware, and even run code compiled in C++ at blazing speed. Last month, I gave a talk at SenchaCon on some of latest technologies that make these new capabilities for web apps possible. Learn about some of these game-changing technologies that will allow you to create a new class of high-performance web apps with native-like capabilities.

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5 Web Technology Predictions for 2017

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about what’s in store for 2017. Art Landro shares his top 5 web technology predictions – data will remain a key growth area in the coming year and web application developers will continue to rule the world. Check out all of his predictions.

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Recap of 2015 Technical Blog Posts

This year was packed full of announcements for our latest frameworks and tools. We appreciate all of the feedback you shared to help make those releases great successes. As the end of 2015 approaches, we’ve put together a collection of technical blog posts we published this year. While you’re relaxing over the holidays, you can catch up on the ones you missed. Have a great New Year. We’ll see you in 2016!

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The Rise of Web Tech in the Enterprise

Web Tech Growth Infographic Featured

This infographic highlights some of the key findings from a recent survey that was conducted by Forrester and commissioned by Sencha. The results showed that web technology has gone mainstream and more organizations are shifting away from native development to improve productivity and deliver increasingly sophisticated web apps to market.

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Why Ext JS Apps Scale, When Others Don’t

As companies adopt HTML5 for web apps, it’s important to choose technologies that scale to help prevent re-writes and promote code reusability. The object-oriented structure of Ext JS with its separation of concerns, along with the massive out-of-the-box component library, makes it easy to build scalable applications.

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Working at Sencha—Come Join Us

20120912 Company Update

Art Kay recently celebrated his 4th anniversary at Sencha. He takes you on a tour of some recent events and tells you why he loves to work here. Have a look and come talk to us about joining Sencha.

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HTML5 Best Practices – Your Questions Answered

We gathered a panel of HTML5 and JavaScript experts from around the industry to discuss their thoughts on a variety of meaningful topics. In this post, we share our thoughts on a few of the topics covered. You can also listen to the lively Q&A session in the recorded webinar.

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Best Practices for Building HTML5 Applications

HTML5 has proven itself to be a reliable and powerful platform for building robust applications across a variety of devices. However, as web technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it can be difficult for developers to stay on top of the latest tools and techniques. Check out this article and our upcoming webinar.

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Android 5.0 Lollipop: As Sweet as Promised


Android 5.0 ‘Lollipop’ has certainly positioned itself to be one of the more significant updates Google has released, so far, to its mobile platform. With a brand new look via Google’s Material Design and over 5000 new APIs, it’s sure exciting! We decided to dig into the new release and pull out the Web-specific details we felt were most important.

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