Revolutionizing App Modernization for IBM i Applications

We’ve expanded our partnership with CNX to help companies modernize their legacy IBM i applications and transform them into feature-rich, cross-platform web and mobile apps that deliver a great user experience. Now you can leverage the powerful combination of Ext JS 6 and the CNX Valence Framework. To learn more, join us for our upcoming webinar on 6/14 at 10am PT.

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Exporting Data from an Ext JS Grid to PDF

The Ext JS Grid Component is very popular because of its comprehensive set of features. Developers have asked us how to export data in a Grid to a PDF file format, so the Grid data can easily be printed. We show you how to export the Grid data using third-party libraries on the client-side or the server-side.

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Ext JS for .NET using Ext.NET

Ext.NET is an ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms framework incorporating Sencha Ext JS JavaScript framework. Ext.NET 4.0 release includes many new features and improvements and of course one of the biggest enhancements includes the upgrade to Sencha Ext JS 6.

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Performance Optimization for Layout Runs

If an Ext JS app starts to show performance issues, it’s often network limitations (bandwidth and latency), device memory/storage limitations, or layout / rendering issues. In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize the layout and rendering process of Ext JS Classic Toolkit applications, known as a Layout Run, by using Sencha Inspector or Google Chrome Console.

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How to Upgrade Your Ext JS 3.4 Apps to Ext JS 6

In this article, Olga shows you a simple example of a migration. As a proof of concept, she has an Ext JS 3.4 grid example that she migrated to Ext JS 6. Learn how to migrate your apps and take advantage of all of the new features in Ext JS 6.

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Asynchronous JavaScript: Promises

JavaScript Promises is a new way of writing code that’s more readable and understandable. A promise is an object or function with a then method that can be chained endlessly.

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Inside the Sencha Test Futures API

Writing interactive tests is challenging due to their asynchronous nature. Sencha Test offers a powerful new API designed to make these tests almost as simple as their synchronous counterparts.

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Top Support Tips

Get the latest tips from the Sencha Support Team. Learn about grid watermarking, instances on class definition, and creating builds with Sencha Cmd Compile.

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