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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: Synergistix

Synergistix chose Ext JS to build its CATS Software Suite because of its ability to create a flexible and user friendly, industry-specific solution. Typical users of the CATS Software Suite are Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales Reps and the home office teams supporting them. By using a common framework across its apps, Synergistix reduced the overall cost to develop and support its applications.

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Announcing Sencha Themer 1.1 Early Access & Theming Contest

We’re pleased to announce that Themer 1.1 EA is now available. It will help you theme components directly within your own applications. We’re also inviting you to submit your theme to the Theming Contest for a chance to win $2500. Plus, Themer 1.0 is now available to all Ext JS Pro and Premium customers.

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Exciting Product Announcements at SenchaCon 2016

Today is a very exciting day at SenchaCon! We just unveiled the Early Access versions of six products, plus new integrations, plans to open source Fashion, and new research about the state of the modern web. Let’s break down the announcements.

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Sneak Peek: Sencha Visual Studio Code Plugin

At SenchaCon 2016, we’re introducing a brand new Ext JS tool – a plugin for Microsoft Visual Studio Code source editor. Register today and join us to learn how you can speed up your Ext JS app development. Today, Sandeep shows you how to debug Ext JS apps using Microsoft Visual Studio Code extension – Debugger for Chrome.

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Ext JS and ES2015/6/7 – Modernizing the Ext JS Class System

The recent changes in JavaScript range from small pieces of syntax, up to the level of classes for creating coherent functional units, and extend all the way to connecting these pieces into apps via modules. In this article, Don gives you a preview of his session at SenchaCon 2016, where he’ll talk about how this evolution in language and tools affects the applications you write using Ext JS. Join us at SenchaCon to hear all of the details.

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Ext JS Customer Spotlight: 2Gears

2Gears chose Ext JS to build its powerful corporate governance platform for both desktop and mobile. The company has been using Ext JS and other Sencha tools since their inception. The combination of a robust architecture, excellent documentation, a very complete UI component library, and true cross-browser support made Ext JS the logical choice. In June 2016, 2Gears was awarded FinTech Startup of the Year for its app.

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Top Support Tips

Here are the latest tips from the Sencha Support Team. Learn how to create different builds and switch between them in your Ext JS apps, theme your apps with Sencha Themer, and use the childEIs for a quick reference of elements in your component.

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