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Extensions provide developers with valuable features beyond those that ship in Sencha’s frameworks, and are a very important part of the Sencha platform. At Sencha, we are investing to improve the ecosystem of extensions on our platform and I wanted to share an early look at our progress.

Sencha Market 2

We are rebuilding Sencha Market from the ground up to showcase quality extensions that enhance Sencha’s frameworks. We want to make sure that developers can easily find great extensions, and that we offer a valuable resource Sencha extension developers. We are in active development with Sencha Market and will be ready to launch in a few weeks. Stay tuned for more information.

Private Beta

Today, we are working with many extension developers in the Sencha Market 2 Private Beta and would like to extend an invitation. If you are interested in listing extensions on Sencha Market 2, please signup for private beta access. Sencha Market 2 is a 100% ground up, scalable re-write of Sencha Market with the goal of making it simpler to find and publish extensions. Over the past 5 days, we have approved over 12 extensions in Sencha Market 2 and we are seeing lots of activity as we complete development of the service. Join us on the private beta to help shape Sencha Market 2 as a resource for all Sencha developers.

Extension Quality

To improve the quality of Sencha Market 2, all extensions must now be approved prior to publication. We want Sencha Market 2 to be an accurate high quality showcase of extensions for developers. To accomplish this goal, we removed the self-publishing model and are approving extensions on an objective basis. Our goal is to be unbiased about what extensions provide and make sure each listing is accurate and properly represents a component. An approved extension must state and show what the extension does in a clear and honest manner. Combined with a light approval process and timely review of submitted extension, we feel we can improve the quality of the ecosystem of extensions and provide developers with a high quality resource for finding extensions.

Quarterly Extension Drawing

In order to keep extensions updated in Sencha Market 2 ongoing, we will have a quarterly prize drawing for eligible extension developers who have added or updated an extension within the quarter on Sencha Market 2. Sencha will be providing great prizes for extension developers and for the upcoming launch of Sencha Market 2, the drawing prize is a new Macbook Pro (Retina). Details on the prize drawing are available in the Sencha Market 2 Private Beta.

We are working hard to bring Sencha Market 2 online in the weeks ahead and will be investing to highlight and support both great extensions and extension developers within our community. We are looking forward to reviewing your extension listings in the Sencha Market 2 Private Beta.


  1. Adam says

    This sounds like a valuable and useful development and I look forward to seeing it. However I wonder if you could answer a concern that I’ve had for a long time about using extensions with ExtJS?

    We have always avoided them in our product for the simple reason that there is no guarantee of compatibility when a new version of ExtJS is released (e.g., ExtJS 4). I would hate for us to build our product on an extension, only to find that there an update to ExtJS for which no version of the extension is made available. This would leave us having to upgrade the extension ourselves (which we wouldn’t have time to do), remain stuck on an older version of ExtJS, or have to abandon that extension. None of these are attractive options.

    I always accepted this as just “how things were” in the past as the extensions were (for the most part) unofficial releases by the community. But with a Sencha Marketplace, they are in a much more official repository. Do you have a strategy for how to address this issue with Marketplace extensions?

    Many thanks and I look forward to reading your comments.

  2. Rost says

    IMHO you’d better concentrate on fixing bugs of ExtJS 4.1. It is already 2 month since I’ve posted a bugreport to your bugtracker and it is still not fixed.

  3. Peter says

    100% agree with Rost.. ExtJS 4.1 consumes my time due to hell of bugs, and same with sencha architect 2 (one big bug itself) No updates for weeks… :-(

  4. Miller says

    New products…? I am sorry but my company is not happy with extjs 4 (Performance and Bugs), We are considering moving to other UI technology.

  5. Ted Patrick says


    We are addressing licensing on Sencha Market in 2 ways.

    First, we have added a “Sencha License” which is a model license that is compatible with both the GPL and Commercial framework licenses. Any component using “Sencha License” is license compatible with all versions of Sencha Touch and ExtJS frameworks.

    Second, we are only approving components with licenses compatible with our frameworks. For example, if extensions developers use only a GPL license, we require they add the “Sencha License” to be listed within Sencha Market.

    We want developer looking for extensions to feel comfortable in using extensions on Sencha Market and simplify the downstream licensing issue.

  6. Ted Patrick says

    Rost, Peter, Miller,

    On July 5 we shipped ExtJS 4.1.1 https://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/download/ and the teams are heads down on new versions of tools and frameworks. Improving the quality of the frameworks is very important work and takes time to do it right.

    Both Sencha Market and Sencha Try are managed within the Developer Relations group at Sencha which is 100% independent of engineering. We are working to improve the ecosystem surrounding Sencha products and allowing engineering to focus on improving the features and quality of the frameworks.

  7. Phil Strong says

    Peter, apologies for the long release cycle regarding Architect but I think your going to be very happy with 2.1 which will be here soon enough.

  8. Jamie Nicholson says

    Fantastic, great step in the right direction, ExtJS 3.4 is nice because it has lots of extensions which can be used after giving them some tender love and care. So ExtJS 4 > having this extension process and focus will be excellent, extensions are the icing on the cake and a good extension base should encourage ExtJS 3.4 users to upgrade.

  9. Rost says

    Ted Patrick,
    the issue which blocks me from usage of ExtJS 4.1 is a bug EXTJSIV-6055 (https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?198640-ExtJS-4.1-does-not-work-in-iframe-in-IE)
    and it does not seem to be fixed in 4.1.1. I’ve looked at the list of fixes here https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?228753-Ext-JS-4.1.1-(GA)-Now-Available and it is absent there.
    Should I wait for 2 months more?
    C’mon guys, this is working in ExtJS 4.0.7, take a look at your old code and fix this.

  10. Milan says

    @Ted Patrick – I think you completely missed Adam’s point. He didn’t mention license anywhere in his question. He was worried that one day ExtJS or Touch would be updated to version 5 (just for example) and extensions will not follow. Then whoever used that extension will have problem and “trilema”:
    – Update extension’s code yourself (tedious and time consuming)
    – Never update to newer Sencha framework
    – Abandon used extension and rewrite your app to use newer Sencha framework (tedious and time consuming)

    Have Sencha put any thought into this and are there any guidelines?

  11. Nick Vidal says

    It would be interesting if Sencha Market could mimic the plugin/module ecosystem nurtured at open-source projects like WordPress or Drupal. Issue queues and git integration to promote collaboration would greatly benefit everyone.

  12. Ted Patrick says

    Adam and Milan,

    On Market we will be making Ext/Touch versioning very specific to subversion releases. Allowing extensions to show subversion level compatibility is important and will help developers choose compatible extensions.

    Extension compatibility today is tightly coupled to the ExtJS/Touch framework apis and as the apis change, extensions must be updated to remain compatible. I feel like we should define an extension interface within the framework apis that will not change in time. This would give extensions that used this interface a longer lifespan and allow for better extensions to be written. In my experience, 80% of the problem is knowing what to use and what to avoid. Provided that an extension interface is well defined and documented, Sencha would have the ability to change the internal implementation and extensions would remain compatible over a longer timeframe.

  13. EthanZ says

    Congrats, ST2 is a fantastic framework/library to build web/mobile applications. Looking forward good extensions and like to contribute.

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