SenchaCon 2011: Call For Speakers

SenchaCon 2011: Call For Speakers We’re starting to gear things up for the biggest Sencha event of the year: SenchaCon 2011! We’re confident that Austin in October 2011 will see the largest ever gathering of our community in one place, and will be a unique opportunity for you to learn about Sencha technologies from a host of its developers and designers.

But more than that, SenchaCon is always a great opportunity to hear from the community too: in the past we’ve had many great sessions from Sencha users, third-party component developers, and other web industry experts.

Right now we’re in the planning stage for the event’s schedule, and we’re opening up an official call for speakers. If you want to be involved, now’s your chance.

We’re looking for high-calibre contributors to talk about unique topics, and who will be able to share their experiences with some aspect of Sencha technologies. We’ll be selecting speakers who we think will be inspiring, lucid and honest, and who will be able to guide attendees towards improving their own projects through the use of practical advice and best practices.

Interested? Let us know how you’d like to share your experiences. Give us the outline of your proposed session, some information about how you think it’s valuable, and we’ll see if it fits the bill. We’ll be accepting proposals until the end of July, shortly after which we’ll be announcing the conference schedule.

Good luck!

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James Pearce heads developer relations at Sencha. He is a technologist, writer, developer and practitioner, who has been working with the mobile web for over a decade. Previously he was the CTO at dotMobi and has a background in mobile startups, telecoms infrastructure and management consultancy. James is the creator of tinySrc, the WordPress Mobile Pack, WhitherApps, modernizr-server and confess.js, and has written books on mobile web development for both Wiley and Wrox.


  1. says

    That’s really an interesting proposal, I would have to talk about some subject, especially on real-time communication between applications and users. I am already working on a big Sencha Touch applications based on this feature by submitting to the conference with a lot of new Sencha.tux components and I really hope that the various commitments allow me to finish it in time for the event.

  2. says

    I am looking to book early to save some cash. (Flying in from Norway on the 21st)

    Should we book the hotel ourselves or will that be part of the conference fee and booking?

  3. Rick Hubbard says


    If possible, would you consider a SenchaCon2011 session(s) regarding “End-to-end Security for Sencha Touch Applications”?

    With the growing press regarding security breaches, Sencha–and Sencha Touch-based Devs–share a joint interest to ensure that Sencha Touch Applications are viewed as secure, reliable & trustworthy.

    To this end, an expert & authoritative session(s) which addresses such topics as: designing security into an architecture; practical mechanics of security (e.g., SSL/HTTPS, JSONP, mod_auth (in all it’s forms…and other aspects of security with Apache & PHP); other aspects of authentication (e.g., OpenID); authorization; and the like–would be valuable & useful for many of us.

    (Especially ST Devs who–like myself–are self-taught regarding security and concerned that we’ve missed something important.)

    Thanks for considering this request…looking forward to a brilliant SenchaCon2011.

    Anyone else interested in a session(s) on Security?

  4. Rick Hubbard says

    @James, Opps…prior posting was written as a “customer”…just realized it could be read as offering to be a “supplier.”

    Regrets for the inconvenience. While I’m not qualified to offer such a presentation, I’m hoping that an expert & authoritative member of the Sencha Community would be willing to make a significant contribution in the Security area…and I will be the first to sign up!

    Looking forward to a fabulous SenchaCon2011 with thanks for everything you, and the Sencha Team, do for the App Dev world.

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