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SenchaCon 2013 Registration Now Open!

February 19, 2013 | Paul Kopacki

SenchaCon 2013

We’ve officially opened “Super Early Bird” registration for SenchaCon 2013! Your SenchaCon ticket will get you 3+ days of conference — including more than 60 sessions, lots of coding and collaboration time, more than a few kick-ass parties, and a full-day hackathon. We’re still working on all the conference details and the full content schedule, but you can expect a ton of sessions on Sencha Touch, Ext JS, Architect and all of our other technologies — plus browsers, server-side and cloud integrations, and some of the best JavaScript and HTML5 content you’ll find anywhere. You'll experience all this with about a thousand of your closest and smartest friends in the Sencha community.

The full website with all of the conference details is still a few weeks away, but right now — for those of you who know you want to be there — you can take advantage of Super Early Bird pricing of $995. That’s the lowest possible price this year and saves you $500 off the full price! But, it’s only available to the first 100 people who sign up before March 4 — so register today!

Register Today

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2 years ago

It would be nice to now where will this event take place.
Will it be in Europe, by the way ?
Many Thanks

Sean Hayes

2 years ago

It is in Orlando Florida, so state side.


2 years ago

This post left out a few details that people may want to know before registering…

What:  SenchaCon 2013
When:  July 16-19
Where:  Orlando, FL
Who:    Web Developers, UI/UX Designers, People who are cool

Paul Kopacki

2 years ago

Oops, sorry—was inadvertently dropped from the image in the initial post, fixed now
Thx Dave for posting the missing details!

Ricardo, one of the reasons we chose Orlando was to make SenchaCon 2013 easier to travel to than the Austin event.  Orlando has a good number of direct flights from cities around the world:

Kazuhiro Kotsutsumi

2 years ago

I translated it into Japanese.

Provision: Japan Sencha User Group

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